Almost everyone on planet earth is now connected to each other via social networking websites and apps. At the same time, the harsh reality is that singles of this era are having a harder time finding the right people to date or hang out with. A convenient solution to this scenario would be to unite the perks of existing social media and the need of so many people to bump into Mr. or Ms. perfect. Badoo has done exactly that for a decade and right now sits among the topmost online dating platforms.

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What is Badoo?

Badoo is a playful platform for singles to find other agreeable singles within their vicinity. It uses geolocation as the main source for matching people up and focuses on visually pleasing designs for setting up attractive profiles.

From its inception back in 2006, it has satisfied about 370 million users so far. The number is growing exponentially by 300,000 new members signing themselves up per day. By combining social discovery mechanisms and matchmaking utilities, Badoo has made a smart platform to find new exciting connections sitting in the comfort of our home.

Most Notable Attributes

1. Casual romance

Badoo offers more casual dating options as opposed to serious relationships. Through quick matching methods similar to hot-or-not games or swipes of Tinder, you can make decisions about suggested members in the speed of lightning. You hardly need to go through the likes, dislikes, thoughts and future aspirations of your potential matches. Clearly, this aims at bringing people together who are not looking for long-term commitments but for some brief enjoyable encounters.

2. Multilingual and multinational

Since it is a location-based service and heavily depends on the features of their handy app, it does not limit itself to a particular nation only. Right now users of this app are spread over more than 180 countries and to support a user-base of such diversity, 42 languages are supported on this platform. In short, Badoo has turned into a global phenomenon and is catering to people of almost all religions, origins and cultures.

3. Possibility of real meetups

Unlike most other available dating apps, here you can just call the interested individuals and go to a meetup immediately! Badoo brings people present members in your area in the palm of your hands and shows you exactly where you crossed paths with them. So the fantasies don’t need to be enclosed by boundaries of a virtual world anymore! It is time to take the intimacy a bit further with the warmth of physical touch.

4. Profile verification

To prevent scammers from ruining your gratifying Badoo experience, each profile here needs to be verified before the holder can make any more advancements.

There are multiple ways to verify an account like uploading at least one photo where the person’s face is clear, integrating their social media accounts or sending them a message to the given phone number.

If the individual fails to meet all of these requirements, it is pretty safe to say s/he was not here for finding love interests. Invalidated profiles could also mean the owner was an automated bot instead of a real human.

5. Quick sign-up

While other similar websites make their new users go through arduous processes of registration, Badoo only takes a minute of your valuable time to set up your account. The three-step sign-up method will only ask you about your gender, sexual orientation, the aim of being here and basic personal information including email address! There is no detailed questionnaire about your mindset, future aspirations, insecurities, lifestyle and other in-depth stuff.

6. Security

Information about all its users are stored in secure data servers and firewalls are implemented to keep cyber threats away. In terms of user safety, it takes the necessary measures to save you from any kind of awkward and undesirable encounter. For instance, if anybody wants to chat with you, they need to have your proper consent through a mutual match. Thus, no one can force you for interactions or bombard your inbox with spammed messages.

7. Convenient and bright arrangements

The whole website, especially the profiles, are designed in a well-organized manner. You can view the most relevant information about your activities and how much attention your profile is gaining all under one menu. This includes the encounters you had with other members, messages, people in close proximity, visitors and more.

A battery symbol with varying charge ratio is put beside your profile picture and below the username. The amount of current charge on it depicts how much popular your account is to others. This level will go up if you add more photos and increase your activity on this site.

8. Lookalikes

One of the newest features of Badoo, as announced in July of this year, is “lookalikes” which lets you find a doppelganger of your celebrity crush. For so long we all have been secretly dreaming of romancing a star we can never reach. With this function, you can live that dream up for a little while, or maybe longer. It utilizes the benefits of latest facial recognition softwares to discover regular people from its users, who bear striking similarities to your favorite celeb.

Free and Paid Opportunities

With a free account, Badoo lets you explore through other users’ public pictures, profiles, upload your own photos and communicate with them through chats. Even though the exchange of messages is kept as a premium feature on the usual online dating platforms, you don’t have to worry about that here.

However, with a paid profile, there will be a lot more superior features to take advantage of like – who made you a favorite and who wants to meet you. You can also go invisible if too many interested parties are knocking you, or highlight the messages which seem extra sweet.

Going premium will also lift your account to one of the top positions in search results and give you the freedom to undo a vote. Moreover, it can turn on the Super Powers feature on your profile and allow you to get twice more messages.

Cost and Memberships Badoo

There are five levels of premium memberships available here which expands over a week, a month, three months, six months and a full year. The cost of these packages are respectively $3.99, $12.99, $31.99, $47.99 and $79.99 in total. All of these except the first one can save you an amount from as little as $4 to as big as $125! You can pay in various ways including Paypal and Bitcoins.

Although, all these amounts will not show up directly on your profile. Instead, they will be represented as coins or credits. At a time, you can purchase 100 to 2750 credits. Depending on these credit amounts, the enhanced features will be enabled on your account.

Apps and Social Media

It is pretty much mandatory nowadays to have a mobile version of your website for providing service to customers on the go. But usually, companies go for only the two big platforms namely Android and iOS. Badoo, however, manages to go the extra mile by producing an app for Windows as well! It has shown remarkable success with the Android app and has managed to grab 3.5 million users to download it. Currently, the dating app sits at a rating of 4.3 out of 5. They are also present on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google Plus, Glassdoor, and Linkedin.

Download Badoo for free

Feel free to download the app or visit the website to experience yourself how good or bad Badoo really is. But remember to track your fingers since a few users have gone through the loss of some dollars by misclicking on the packages. Since it doesn’t ask for any confirmation before making the purchase, you could be facing a bit of financial loss if you aren’t careful!

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  • Finding potential partners you can hang out with in real life
  • Detailed location information about other members around you
  • Millions of users
  • Supports 42 languages
  • Bright and colorful web and app interfaces
  • Fast registration
  • Easy to handle
  • Verified and well-organized profiles
  • Social media integration


  • Matching does not take behavioral compatibility into account
  • Search results show people with contrasting sexual orientation
  • Ineffective customer service
  • Not much to do with free profiles
  • No confirmation step before purchasing a package
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Jan 10, 2018

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