So many online dating sites in the palm of our hands, but how many of the online matches do we really get to meet in real life? Well, Happn is the dating app where you never have to ask that question, because all the matches being presented to you have already passed you by! To know more about its handy features, keep reading!

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What is Happn?

Happn is an online dating platform based on geo-location. It is mostly free of charge and keeps a record of the locations you have visited throughout the day to find suitable matches.

The most attractive aspect of this platform is that you can meet people online AFTER passing by them in real life! In other words, it has completely inverted the direction a typical online dating site takes. As Didier Rappaport said, Happn “puts the romanticism and spontaneity back into dating”.

This also helps you to stay away from scammers who pretend to be someone they are not through integration with Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify. Happn also supports many languages to serve its multinational user-base.

Behind the scene

Happn began its journey in January 2014 in the city of love – Paris. It was created by the entrepreneur Didier Rappaport, the growth-hacker Fabien Cohen and the computer engineer Antony Cohen. Combining their individual talents in these fields, they built and marketed this app with the tagline “find the people you’ve crossed paths with”.

A spokeswoman for Happn named Marie Cosnard expressed that, this app was made “to replicate the experience of meeting someone in real life”. It's like you stumbled upon someone during the day but couldn't have a proper conversation. After getting back home, you can meet that person again and catch up what he or she has been up to.

Because of such a realistic touch to its match-finding system, Happn has now spread to 25 countries with millions of users and is currently operating with 47 employees.

How does Happn work?

This app uses the location and GPS of your phone to make a collection of the members you have passed by. For this to work, you need to keep the app on the whole time you are out of the home. All these members need to be within 250 meters or 820 feet close to you.

If you are looking at the app as you are moving, you can see all of their profiles appearing on your screen in real time! Otherwise, you can view later what time and place you last met them from the recorded data. If “NOW” appears beside their profile, it means you two are still close by. Though, unlike Tinder, it does not show the exact distance to uphold their privacy.

Main features of the dating app Happn:

1. Full control

Happn lets you have full control of who can reach you and who cannot. The only members allowed to come in contact with you are the ones you liked. When both of the users like each other's profiles, only then they can start a conversation. So neither of them has to bear with constant knocks on their box from the creeps and undesirable strangers.

2. Young global user-base

This app currently consists of over 10 million members spread across the world. These people hail from France, the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many more! The majority of these users are within the age range of 21 and 35 making it one of the most popular places to try out for young singles.

3. Multilingual

To provide proper service to its international user-base, the website supports many languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Thai, Greek and Hungarian. It is very rare to see any platform putting so much effort into making its language comfortable for the users.

4. No shady business

Almost everything related to online dating is a place for scammers to practice their talent of creating malicious traps. But here they cannot do so because each profile on Happn is bound to be connected to Facebook. Therefore, if you are suspicious of someone you can view their Facebook account right away and figure out if they are genuine or not.

Besides, the name of their workplace and their job title there also shows up to further validate their authenticity. So the catfishes need to make a lot of effort if they want to fool anybody here and will probably still end up getting caught.

5. Heart, Crush, and Charm

There are several ways to let a person know that you like them. Initially, when profiles of all the people you have crossed paths with show up chronologically in a listed form, you can click Heart on the person you like. If he or she returns the gesture back by “Heart”-ing your profile, it is a match and Happn has named it a “Crush”. After a Crush is formed, you two can engage in a conversation and exchange messages.

These Hearts are kept private for you unless that person has already liked you. If you want to make sure he or she knows about your interest, you can send a charm instead which will cost you some credits (More on that in the Paid features section).

6. CrushTime

CrushTime is basically a little game which a user can decide to play for some extra harmless fun. It starts randomly with a notification saying one of the four members you passed by today has liked your profile. The four members are shown along with the notification and you need to guess which one of them is the liker. If you make the right choice, a Crush forms instantly. A wrong answer will also result in a like for that user’s profile. So either way, a spark is triggered between the two.

7. I’m Free To…

A quick and easy way to start a real life date is to use the “I’m free to…” feature. With this, you can let the probable matches know what you feel like doing at the moment like going for a walk or grab a bite. Members around you can respond to it within 6 hours and thus a date is set!

8. Pause the app Happn

If there is a particular part of the city you don’t want any matches from, you can pause the app for 8 hours when you are around that location. This one feature can save a lot of us from coming face to face with someone we have always wanted to avoid.

Drawbacks of Dating app Happn!

1. Takes time

Since Happn keeps track of members you have already passed, you will not get any activity from the app when you first download it. It takes a while for the app to show the nearby users you have crossed paths with.

2. No manual search option

This app does not allow searching for matches based on any other criteria than proximity. Although you can sort out the search results depending on certain factors, there is no way to manually start looking for anybody specific.

Opportunities with a free happn profile

Almost all the functionalities are available to Happn users of free profiles except a few. They need to put up with advertisements if they prefer to keep using it for free. The men are not allowed to send Charms to anyone unless they pay some money, but the women can use Charms on a free profile.

Paid features and Cost details

A paid Happn profile is called happn Essential and offers some extra features. The biggest and most common convenience of them for any user is the freedom from ads. Besides you can also say Hi to potential matches up to 10 times a day.

Men can utilize the subscription since then they are given the option to buy Charms with credits. Charms can guarantee that the person you liked is informed about your interest and can thus increase your chance of getting noticed.

When a user signs up, he or she is given 10 credits for free. After that, you will need to buy credits in bundles of 10 at $1.99. Then each of these credits can be used to buy one Charm. You can also invite friends to join Happn. Every time one of them accepts it, you get 5 credits for free.

Apps and social media

You can download Happn dating app from Google Play, App store or Microsoft Store. They all have received positive feedbacks and are rated over 4 stars out of 5. Happn is also active on major social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Even if Happn does not take any personality factor into account, it does increase the possibility of meeting your match on the way and that is no less exciting (if not more!). So download the dating app and see which handsome hunk or pretty lady you have crossed paths with!

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  • Global user-base
  • Young demographic
  • Fast and easy sign-up
  • Support for many languages
  • Synchronization with Instagram photos
  • Spotify integration
  • Higher chance of a date
  • Verified users


  • No personality-based matching
  • Limited filters to sort out results
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