One of the biggest and most popular names right now in the online dating world is Tinder. It has revolutionized the normal and decade-old mechanisms of finding love online with a simplistic but addictive app. Aiming primarily for iOS, the insane amount of global recognition forced them to appear even on Android and the rest is history. Accompanied by their massive community of a billion lovers and the monumental hype, it is the go-to place for anyone new to this electronic matchmaking fraternity.

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Humble Beginnings and Grand Aftermath

Tinder began its journey inside Hatch Labs where new startups and entrepreneurs arrive to implement their innovative ideas. The developers of IAC gave it life and officially launched it in 2012. Within two years it gained phenomenal momentum and reached the frequency of a billion swipes per day!

On every popular social media, references to Tinder were going viral through posts, memes and other fun methods. Soon it became a cultural phenomenon and this grabbed the attention of even more users.

As a result, many youthful hearts started an account there just to see how it goes and ended up refreshing their page every hour of the day. This has led to the present statistics of about 50 million people checking their accounts 11 times and spending 90 minutes on average on this app per day.

Main Features of Tinder

1. Million users, billion matches

Even people who are not involved in the online dating world have heard of Tinder. It has crossed borders in terms of popularity and has become a significant part of the global pop culture.

From 2014 to 2017, it has seen the growth if its user-base from 50 million to a whopping 1.6 billion! In the period of 5 years since its incubation, Tinder has made an estimated 20 billion matches! With its handy app available everywhere, the number is expected to grow even more and thus increasing your chance of stumbling upon the right person.

From 18 to infinity, many age groups are part of this world. Although the demographic is particularly heavy on the range between 25 to 34 years, only 1% of this massive community are over 55, according to a 2015 study. Evidently, this is a hot and happening place for the youngsters to hang out and start new stories!

2. Addictive app

This initiative started to gain attention from the youth because of its addictive app design and smooth functionalities. It has turned “swipe” into the new buzz word by making it the key motion in their app. With a swipe, you can tell someone if you like them or if s/he is not the right one for you. Only the direction gets to decide which is which. More than a billion swipes are recorded every day on Tinder bringing millions of people close to each other.

3. Casual or serious?

At the start of its journey, Tinder was considered by many to be just a “hook-up” app. But with time and wider acknowledgment from various classes of the society, it has now turned into a place where all kinds of lovers can find opportunities.

Some still use it for casual romantic encounters and others utilize its features to find out long-term life partners. Both groups have commendable success rates and thus there is no way to put a label on this app yet.

4. Location-based suggestions

As soon as you make an account here, you will be asked to grant permission of exposing your location information to the app. Based on your current location and other areas you add, Tinder will show you possible matches one at a time.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about falling in love with someone continents away. You will always have the chance to meet them up in real life if things go that far. This is one of the driving forces behind its success. To make the results more specific, you can even set the limits of the distance from one to hundred miles on the settings page.

5. Social connections

Usually, dating apps and sites ask you for basic information or make you go through tedious questionnaires to figure out your needs. But not this one! Here the app takes data from your social media accounts like Facebook and Spotify. From the beginning it presents you the option to integrate your Facebook account into the app, saving you the hassle of putting in every bit of data about you one by one.

Bonus: AI, geolocation and teenagers’ app in 2018

In the coming year, Tinder will introduce some new features to make good use of the latest innovations. According to the recent declaration of CEO Greg Blatt, the users will be able to be on virtual first dates through the use of AI and geolocation will allow them to see what activities their matches have been up to recently.

Since anyone below 18 is legally not allowed to use this app, another app aimed at teenagers only are in the works and is expected to hit the market very soon.

Free Account Benefits

With an unpaid basic account, you can reject as many choices as you want but can say yes to only a few. The number of right swipes is limited to a free profile and you can get more only after a 12-hour period has passed. Nevertheless, you can upload pictures of yourself, communicate with others and explore accounts of the given potential choices with a free membership.

Paid Perks – When you pay for Tinder

There are two kinds of paid accounts on Tinder, namely Plus and Gold. The Tinder Plus membership can be purchased by any current user and it will cost about $9.99 a month. With this, you will be open to a number of exciting new options like – being able to see who swiped you right, unlimited matches and control on who sees you. Introduction of Tinder Plus back in 2015 managed to rope in 476,000 new subscribers who believed this upgrade will be a good investment.

If you are already on Plus, you can migrate to Gold which is priced at $14.99 for a monthly package. This grants people a number of golden opportunities like turning off ads, unlimited likes, one free boost per month, five super likes and unlimited rewinds which means you can go back to a suggestion and swipe again. Super Like is a new feature here which can apparently increase your chances thrice to find a match.

Social Media

Being such a profitable company, Tinder had to make sure of active and engaging presence on various social networking sites and apps. Right now it is present on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few. They keep posting intelligent and comedic content here to attract more youthful users, which seems to work pretty effectively.
Pros and Cons
To summarize the popular app’s best and worst, go through the following points to make your own judgment:

• Engaging app design
• User-base of billions
• Members around the world
• About 26 million matches per day
• Supports over 40 languages
• Easy to use on the go

• Twice male members than female ones
• Location-based match instead of personality-wise
It doesn't matter if you are completely unfamiliar with online dating or if you have mastered the art of online teasing. As long as you know how to have fun without being naive, you can enjoy your time on Tinder. Connect to people from your area and hit up a conversation right away!

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  • Engaging app design
  • User-base of billions
  • Members around the world
  • About 26 million matches per day
  • Supports over 40 languages
  • Easy to use on the go


  • Twice male members than female ones
  • Location-based match instead of personality-wise
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