the 10 biggest mistakes men make during dating

The 10 Biggest Mistakes that Men make when online dating

No wonder the online dating world is gaining more and more followers every single day. They are full of lucrative features and can help you find the right one with the least amount of efforts. However, after more than a decade of such platforms existing around us, some me still haven’t caught up to what a lady wants. We are here to lend them a helping hand by talking about the most common and grave mistakes most men make when dating online.

The Mistakes

1. Low-quality profile photo

The first thing your potential date will be seeing on your account is the profile picture! A generic unclear photo or one downloaded from Google will definitely not stir any kind of positive impression for the person on another side of the screen. It is an absolute necessity for these photos to be of good quality and especially, a recent one.

The most surprising thing is, some men don’t even bother uploading any photo of their own! The space for their profile picture is either left blank or filled with irrelevant photos featuring nature or inanimate objects. If the girls were looking for a scenic mountain area or a posh car, they would be browsing the e-commerce or traveling websites, not a dating one!

So take out a few minutes off your busy schedule, take a good selfie and post it! This increases your reliability as a partner since you clearly don’t have any current or ex-girlfriend to hide from.

2. Long list of turn-offs

Yes all of us have particular requirements from our ideal partner, but that doesn’t mean you need to list 20 of your turn-offs on your profile right away! Just mention the absolutely non-negotiable ones so that any girl reading it gets an idea about your personality and can have an estimation of her compatibility with you. Too many of these points also represent you as a judgmental and narrow-minded human, which is definitely a turnoff for everyone reading it.

3. Uninteresting conversation starter

Have you ever seen anyone rushing to reply to a message saying “Hi”? No? We haven’t either because that never happens. A “hi”, “hello”, “how are you” or a smiley with a wink is nothing new for a girl’s inbox.

Besides, on most dating sites, the ratio of guys to girls is 2:1. So if you have sent eight girls any of these generic messages, chances are each of those girls got that same message from 15 other guys too. So you are not giving her any reason to respond to your text.

Instead, think of an intriguing conversation starter that compels her to at least open up the message. A common tactic is to ask her details about some particular information on her profile. This convinces her you are not just about the looks, but also what’s underneath.

4. Falsifying crucial information

It often happens that you have your eyes locked on a girl but she is not looking for someone your type, age-group or appearance. Since the members on these online dating platforms don’t have the chance to verify any information provided on your account, you do have the option of falsifying it to fulfill your agenda. But what would be the consequences? Even if you manage to impress the girl enough for a date or an actual relationship, how long will it last?

Eventually, you will have to confess the truth someday and everything you had built so far will fall apart. Some girls have already faced such disasters and others are aware of it too. So remember to be honest about yourself on your profile, especially age, height and relationship status.

5. Dragging the first date

If you have already climbed up the ladder of an online relationship high enough to ask her out, take action and go for it! Don’t keep her waiting for too long through more chats and emails. Any kind of anticipation grows thinner and thinner with every passing second. Hence if you keep dragging it, she will eventually lose all the interest and move on to someone more proactive. Due to the ratio we mentioned before, you have to remember there is more than one guy trying to ask her out. So if you already have the upper hand because of her interest in you, might as well utilize it!

6. Braggers

Bragging about yourself is never a good approach while trying to forge any kind of relationship. Therefore, keep your profile description impressive but not boastful. As an alternative, you can put up a photo where all the plus points of your look or appearance are highlighted. For the personality traits, keep it honest and classy.

Highlighting your achievements in life is not an absolute necessity, but if you do want to include it, make sure you sound humble throughout. Otherwise, they will think of you as someone who’s not socially attractive.

7. Amateur spelling

Long gone are the days when texting “hru” or similar middle-school vocabulary used to be cool. These are clearly for amateur people who don’t understand the weight a conversation can hold.

Women take these notes very seriously and often choose not to respond at all to these messages. In fact, according to one of the most popular online dating sites – OkCupid, all messages with such unnecessarily shortened words get less than 10% replies.

Additionally, the correct spelling is also an important factor in this matter. You may have cheated on your exams throughout the student life, but you have to get your words right this time. Use Grammarly extension or google a bit if you need to. Just make sure you don’t make a mess of the regular words.

It gives them the idea that you are lazy, illiterate or even if you are educated, it is not up to the mark. That automatically lowers both of your attractiveness and reliability meter at least ten times.

8. Over-cynicism

Your friends must have praised you all along for your wittiness and cynicism. It probably is a pretty effective tool if you are trying to come across as someone highly intelligent and “too smart” for normal people. However, in a dating scenario, this does not do you any good.

Your sarcastic comments may come across as demeaning to many women online. They may constantly feel that you are trying to tell them they are no good for you without spitting out the words. Because in real life, unfortunately, many women tend to speak to each other that way during the little cold wars between them.

Thus even if you were just trying to impress her with your sardonic humor, they will actually pull themselves away from you more and more. Let’s save all those high-class satire only for social media posts or for punchlines at hangouts okay?

9. Highlighting sex

It is obvious that any romantic relationship will reach that point someday where you both get engaged in the act. But is it really necessary to point that out on your profile?

Unless the dating app or website you are using is exclusively dedicated to casual hook-ups, it is better not to mention it on your profile. Many women might think straight away that sex is all you want from them. You will not be interested in anything they have to say or in any aspiration they have in life. Of course, no one wants to feel that small, especially from the other gender. So they will avoid you altogether thinking you are just a horny creep.

Also, during conversations, don’t bring it up randomly when the other party has not even mentioned it yet. Besides, any social networking platform including the ones dedicated to dating is full of people like this anyway. If you really want a chance with her, NEVER start sexting out of nowhere. Give the relationship some time to reach that intimacy level and be certain to have her consent before doing any of these.

10. Desperation

If you are really interested in someone, it’s okay for you to send her a message or two, or even three of those. However, that is where the line ends. If you keep sending her texts even if she has not responded to any, it makes you look like an incredibly desperate man with a thirst for attention. Just take the hint and move on to someone new.

Besides, many guys tend to get hot-headed if they fail to land any reply from the girl. Then they start calling her names to make themselves feel better and make the girl feel sorry. But does that really work? Women are used to getting such obscene messages all the time. You will just lower yourself even more in her eyes. So keep your self-respect intact and ignore this whole ordeal completely like a grown-up.

Pretty easy right…?

Now, was that so hard? Just a little bit of effort and cautiousness goes a long way on these platforms! Since you are mindful of these common flaws already, prepare a wonderful profile on the dating site and begin your search for a compatible partner.

Immy Watson

Feb 25, 2018

Editor at, Expert on dating, Specialised in online dating, Knows everything about relationships!

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