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Sex is not limited anymore to your bedrooms (or any other place in the house, you wild thing!) Today it is available through a click of your mouse or a tap on your smartphone. It always starts in the virtual realm but can also turn into a real-world experience if both parties agree. But before you fall for the temptation, let's look at some necessary details, shall we?

What happens on sex sites?

Sex sites are your escapade from a stressful life and the constant scrutiny of the world. Here you don’t have to conform to traditional rules and regulations to enjoy a few moments of paradise.

For those of you who have not found the one or perhaps going through a difficult time in your relationship with the significant other, sex sites can bring a breath of fresh air. There are platforms here for both, rekindling the sexual relationship with your partner and for exploring the wonders of strangers’ bodies around the world. They can be real or virtual depending on your preference.

What usually happens for the singles here include few steps to erotic glory. First, you sign up fast with the basic information like your username, email, gender and sexual preference. Then once you verify your account through the provided email address, suggestions of potential mates are presented to you as a list.

Normally, you can view their profile picture and make your decision about them. But sometimes they are not blurred due to security reasons and will not be clear to you until they show interest in you as well. Once you two hit up a conversation in the private inbox, things start to heat up pretty quick and result in the pre-mentioned real or virtual date.

Popularity of Adult dating sites

The notion of virtual sex has existed on this planet since the late 80s when computer and internet were still fresh new discoveries for the masses. Many people foresaw the endless possibilities and technological revolutions for this game-changing invention, but very few could predict how it will transform the dating scenario.

Slowly, the term “cybersex” started to be more common and curious people started to don different outfits to make the experience more interesting and satisfying for their partner. As a result of its growing popularity, almost half a million sex sites came into being by the end of the 90s.
They became bigger and bigger due to its huge demand and turned into a very profitable area for advertisements. This led to its evolution into a billion dollar industry as the 2000s concluded.

As of 2017, the majority of users on these sites come from the USA (26%), the UK (21%) and Germany (17%). Between 2013 and 2016, the use of such services among people aging 18 to 24 went up rapidly from 10% to 27%! Curious for yourself? Check out our guide for online sex dating.

Such opportunities have also been welcomed by people of other demographics who have sex sites dedicated to their age groups. This industry has also seen the transformation from being a male-dominated area to a world of balanced gender ratio. Clearly, it has come a long way and is expected to go much further according to the impressive statistics.

Security – Are my personal details safe?

Since sex itself is a very private act, most websites which offer services like this try their best to ensure no harm is done to its users.

The biggest names like FriendFinder-X and Zoosk, chatting is not allowed for users who don’t think of it as a worthy area of investment. This prevents scammers and other possible online offenders from attacking their members.

The authenticity of the current members is also kept in mind and various methods are implemented to ensure it on most of the sex sites. These methods mainly include photo verification and social media integration.

For photo verification, the person has to upload a photo on his/her profile and then has to take a photo with their front camera or webcam. If these two match up, only then they will be given the title of a verified user.

Many times the user is also prompted to integrate his/her social media account with their sex site profile to let people know they are not bluffing. The name of their social media handle doesn’t need to be displayed, but it will be shown that their profiles are validated.

Usually, these companies also put up a firewall to keep cybercriminals away and thus protecting your privacy even more.

But to make sure you are not falling into a dangerous abyss, before signing up for any sex site, do some research on its safety and security measures. If any article pops up saying their passwords had been leaked or any review shows up explaining how it ruined someone’s experience, stay away from it.

Intention of visitors

Everyone comes here in search of casual fun times but the stories behind each of them could be very different.

Some of them sign up on these sites because of low self-esteem in real life. These poor souls really believe there is no one in the real world who would like to hook up with them. So they take a chance on sex sites and try to turn all their secret fantasies into a reality.

Secondly, there are people here who are very unhappy with their married life or love life in general. Their partners cannot satisfy them sexually and thus they keep looking for that gratification elsewhere.

The third group consists of the super-active and energetic singles whose only reason to be here is “fun”. These members are usually in their 20s and still exploring everything they can get their hands on. They believe, youth is the time to take advantage of all the opportunities presented by the world. Thus they go ahead and do so with no strings attached!

As you can see, this virtual sex world is full of naughty people from all possible categories of society. They can be introvert or extrovert, single or married, young or old. In this judgmental society of discriminating mindsets, find your sweet escape and dive into some carnal pleasure.

Immy Watson

Mar 1, 2018

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