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Best Dating Sites in the UK

The online dating scene has exploded in recent years, with most of the websites – and now apps – devoting themselves to a particular niche. Here's our breakdown of the best dating sites in the UK:

1) Match

About: Known as the pioneer of online dating sites, Match is the largest online dating service in the world, not just the UK.

Value for Money and Budget Friendliness: Match contains a free version in which you can look for potential dates, but you'll need to subscribe if you want to message anyone. If you purchase more than three months at once, you can receive discounts of up to 56%.

Display: The interface is simple to use, and looks young and youthful.

Features: They have a lot of bonuses, including an app. They have ‘Daily Six', ‘Matches', ‘Matchability' and ‘Social Events'.

Conclusion: The most popular dating website out there with the largest number of active members, it results in lots of dating in the UK.


About: A sophisticated website aimed at thirties and older who are longer for a serious, committed partner.

Value for Money and Budget Friendliness: There isn't a free version. But this does help reduce the number of spammers on the site. Your subscription fee reduces the longer you stay with them.

Display: eHarmony contains a more sophisticated interface and a mature, graceful design.

Features: eHarmony is known for its difficult registration. To register you need to pass a pre-screening test and you can be rejected if eHarmony finds something wrong with your application. The assessment then matches you with suitable people. Due to this nature, you have a reduced amount of scammers and spammers on the website.

Conclusion: A sophisticated website for committed relationships, but can be hard to pass the registration assessment.


About: A website that pairs people based on their interests, not their looks. People aren't permitted to use profile pictures straight away.

Value for Money and Budget Friendliness: The free version allows you to read and reply to a message from someone else, so you have an idea if any of the people on the website are worth upgrading to a paid membership for. The premium membership allows you full access to the website, from seeing people's full profiles to allowing users to have full conversations unrestricted.

Display: The site has a red-hot design, which somewhat conflicts with their stance on serious, rather than casual, companions. But the website has a good design and interface nonetheless.

Features: The website's stance on personality making a deep, lasting connection – not looks.

Conclusion: A secure, safe website for serious people, but not many members as the other websites, especially when it comes to people dating in the UK.

4) Zoosk

About: Tailors matches to people by the more data a user inputs.

Value for Money and Budget Friendliness: The free version allows you to view some of the people's profiles, but you can't send any messages to members. The premium membership allows you complete access to the website, including full conversations with fellow users.

Display: Has a clean design and gives off a relaxing vibe with its blue colour scheme.

Features: Their algorithm adapts to your clicks and taps, understanding your preferences better. The downside is that if you don't frequent the website much, then you'll have to pay longer since your recommendations won't be great.

Conclusion: A website that will give you better recommendations and more success in dating the more you use the website.

5) Tinder

About: Dating sites like Tinder are more mobile-centric. The app allows users to swipe through people until they find a profile they like. If both users swipe each other, then they match and a communication channel opens up between them.

Value for Money and Budget Friendliness: Has an excellent free version that allows users basic access to the website. People can swipe profiles until they match with someone. On the other hand, premium users are granted access to unlimited swipes and can undo a no-swipe.

Display: Contains an optimised display for mobile and has a red logo that slowly dissolves in a soft, orange glow.

Features: A ‘Super Like' function that allows Premium users to Super Like people up to four times a day. This is supposed to stop users who yes-swipe on everyone in the hopes they'll be matched with someone.

Conclusion: Although their website is known for hook-ups, the website can be good for actual dates. The app is brilliant if you want to these the waters first before committing to a long-term relationships with anyone.

6) Grindr

About: Often referred to as ‘Tinder for gays', Grindr is a mobile app that allows GB people to search for homosexual or bisexual users.

Value for Money and Budget Friendliness: Grindr is free to use, so it's excellent for budget users. However, like with everything free, this makes the app open to more scammers. The website also tends to be more aimed towards hook-ups, but just like Tinder, the app can be good for meeting casual dates.

Display: The app is displayed as a grid-lock. With potential dates listed in order of distance to your location by your phone's GPS.

Features: The male-only aspect of the website can the easy grid-lock features that allows you to see a lot of potential dates at once. Conclusion: Grindr is brilliant for men interested in homosexual or bisexual relationships. The users tend to be young and interested in hook-ups, but that's not always the case. Grindr is great for testing people without committing to them.

7) Plenty of Fish(POF)

About: A website often features in pop videos, POF is different in that the website is completely free to use with no restrictions.

Value for Money and Budget Friendliness: As mentioned above, POF is completely free. Therefore this a fantastic option for budget users. However, this also allows – and sometimes even encourages – scammers to frequent the website more.

Display: Most likely to match the name, the website is blue. However, the blue is soft and calming, which is an interesting difference from the striking red of other online dating websites. The interface is simple to operate as well.Features: The free and easy access to fellow members, which is a lot of other sites restrict upon registering.

Conclusion: POF is great for people who can't afford to pay a subscription service for a dating website at the moment. The website consists of a mixture of people interested in short or long term partners.

Depending on your tastes, what constitutes as the best dating sites in the UK can vary. However, with the help of our guide, we hope you can find the perfect dating site for you!

Immy Watson

Nov 21, 2017

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