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All of us have been in situations where you see someone interesting around, but don’t know how to approach them or what to say when you do. This process called flirting is not actually as hard as many of us consider it to be! The keys to how to flirt properly are moderation and observation. Read on to know the necessary details and thank us later!

Here are the 5 tips

1. To talk or not to talk?

The first dilemma we all face while preparing to flirt is when to start talking to this person you find attractive. He or she may be someone you have fancied for days or someone you are seeing for the first time in life. Environment matters a lot in this case and so does their mood.

To figure out if it is the right moment or not, try to make short-lived eye contacts with them from where you are standing. Let your eyes meet theirs and keep it like that for two or three seconds. Then look away and let them contemplate what your gaze meant. Do it one more time to see if they are responding positively.

If you find them giving you concerned looks, probably this is not your Mr. or Ms. Right. Otherwise, approach them from the front and initiate the conversation with a casual “Hi” or “Hey” and a friendly smile.

Keep in mind – we said just to make both your eyes meet, not glare at them straight for a minute or two. That kind of creepy stare will suggest more apprehension to the other end than blooming romance.

2. Relaxed teasing with a sprinkle of humor

Once you get the conversation going, it is time to keep your attitude in check. A clever way to be welcoming and flirtatious at the same time would be to incorporate gentle teases along with a relaxed body language.

Throw those overloading concerns about being impressive enough to the other person out the window. Chill out, calm down your nerves and let your mind flee to its comfort zone.

Most people trying to flirt lose track in this very area. They try their best to sweep the target off their feet and as a result, end up making pretty over-the-top jokes.
You really don't need to go so far. Keep the conversation light with some humor here and there. Only tell the jokes or phrases which come to you naturally. Forced witticism sticks out like a sore thumb.

Sarcasm adds more plus points to your bantering and is a great display of how much intelligence or pop culture knowledge you really have. And believe us, THAT is always a turn-on.

Also, remember to slip in some playful teases into the chat! Usually, the safest options to go for include:

• Calling out for their nerdy or embarrassing behavior and poke some fun at it. Like: “You play that game? God, you’re such a nerd!”

• Making a stereotypical remark about their profession or interest. For example: “A lawyer? Woah! I need to keep my words in check around you!”

• Suggesting that THEY are flirting with you and mocking that. Such as: “Are you hitting on me now?”

If you two happen to be at a club or a bar, welcome him/her to a silly dance-off. Nothing reveals one’s true nature than those random voluntary movements to music.

3. Find the common grounds

Balance the teases with some substantial talk for the flirting to be effective. We all love a good laugh but you are not here to get the Best Comedian award, are you? Jokes get you an easy entrance to his/her comfort zone. From there on, it’s going to be all about connections and similarities.

Hit the right notes by sharing one of your experiences or thoughts with them which can be relatable to the other end. It can be something connected to their occupation, studies or hobbies.

If you already met this person before and have some knowledge about his/her lifestyle, make a reference to that. Referring to an information they gave you earlier in the conversation also helps. Both of these will let them know that you really are invested in this talk and paying 100% attention.

Of course, don’t dive into anything too deep or controversial like religion and politics right away. Let's save those for the future dates and arguments, should they happen in reality.

Compliments can also play a huge part in this. It is better to give them compliments on stuff they had put any effort on (like clothes) than on something they were born with (like eyes). They will feel more appreciated this way since they had no contribution to how their eyes were created.

4. Quirk is the new perk

Don't be afraid to unleash your weird sides to them. Well, maybe keep the truly scary and repulsive ones behind the curtain, but show them just enough to say “I am imperfect too”.

Being yourself is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind while flirting. Unlike the typical rom-com movies, you don't need to be a perfect gentleman or a graceful lady to steal someone’s heart! You just need to be confident and comfortable in your own skin. So use your quirks to your advantage and leave a lasting impression on them.

This goes out mainly for the introverts. Most of them feel that if they like someone, they should just leave all their shyness and similar intricate qualities when they go up to talk to the person. No! You can be coy and captivating at the same time, as long as you are true to yourself.

5. Wrap it up on time

Bring the conversation to a pleasant end when there is nothing left to talk about. But don’t put a full stop to a story that is still going strong and not anywhere close to the end curtain.

It is a good idea in flirting to bid goodbye to each other before any awkward silence comes down and ruins everything you have built so far. Politely sign off from the chat making a legit excuse and telling them what a wonderful time you had.

While you do so, leave them a chance to find you later by giving them your phone number or social media handle. Facebook and Twitter are used by most but feel free to hand them wherever you are most active.

There goes our top five flirting tips. Follow them religiously to flirt like a pro and let them have a warm welcome to your world. Pay attention to their response throughout the conversation and plan your next move based on that.

If they are being polite without any reply to your words or giving you short unauthentic smirks, it is probably time to end the banter. Obviously, don’t leave abruptly making them feel abandoned! Be a polite gentleman and walk away with a fine pretext.

Lastly, remember to dress properly. For women, red attire and red lipstick work like magic. For men, however, there is no particular color, pattern or outfit that is guaranteed to impress the ladies. Whatever is your gender, just make sure you don’t look homeless or over-dressed when meeting the potential partner.

Immy Watson

Feb 5, 2018

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