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How to Have an Affair

Many of us often wonder why do men have affairs? That is because, from the beginning of time, men have been looking for partners to cater to their biological as well as emotional desires. Also sometimes, we get into a relationship in hope of sharing our story with someone, but the exhaustion of commitments leads us to go looking for someone else to strike a chord with. Either way, having an affair seems like a necessity for many people nowadays.

However, how to have an affair is still a mystery to most. On this planet of a billion human beings, finding the right one might seem as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. This is where online dating sites come in. They can help you find the ideal partner without the hassle of awkward and embarrassing blind dates.

What is an affair?

When two adults agree to come together, with the enthusiasm of exploring each other’s worlds in an unprejudiced romantic venture, it is called an affair. Thousands of movies, novels, paintings and other fictional works have been established centring about this concept. As a result of devouring all these popular romantic delicacies, many live their days carrying the sheer uncertainty of stumbling upon someone they can have a bond with.

Why do men have affairs?

Some of us wait a lifetime for a bond like that, while some of us get lucky enough to find the right one in time. However, in the real world, the latter is quite rare in number.

Even among the lucky ones, only a few get to live their fairytale romance forever. The qualities which attract us in a person before we settle with them might grow fainter and fainter with time. Then we feel more restless to escape from this bitter reality to a fancier world, where there can be attachments without obligations.

We subconsciously start to look for someone who can understand our difficulties and help us make a way out of it. But finding such a person can turn out to be more difficult than finding the usual romantic partner.

The Cupid Websites

To solve all these practical and sensitive issues, there are now several online cupids who can hook you up with the perfect person, be it the traditional dating or the secretive ones. On these sites, as you fill up the information about yourself, the algorithm will be looking for someone resembling your desires and show you the best matches. These sites provide full animosity and confidentiality to your choice and information, so you don’t need to worry about any frowns.
Out of the several thousands of these online, we have picked the three best ones for you to make the journey easier.


The first of them is Victoria Milan. This is one of the most popular dating websites at present with some exclusive features such as Anonymous Blur, Panic Button and more. Currently, it is serving five million people of all sexual orientations to find the right partner.

You just need to put up your basic information including sexual preference, current relationship status and register for free. Then they will give you a huge set of preferable features from where you can choose only three. These will work as the KEY to figure out the right partner for you and thus, you need to be very honest with it.

After that, you give them ideas about your own appearance and choose the location of your interest. You can then officially start your journey here by uploading one of your best photos as your profile picture. No need to worry about anyone seeing them because they can be blurred out for the public with the Anonymous Blur feature.

There will always be filters for you on the upper area to select the gender, age group etc. your partner must be. The best part about this site is the Panic Button, which saves you from your current spouse by taking you to a random “safe” website anytime you click it!


A similar site like this is Ashley Madison which is, in fact, the most popular international dating website for individuals seeking some excitement in their love life. Even though it is originally from Canada, over the last decade it has attracted about a million Brits among its 36 million users.
It also offers a feature similar to the Anonymous Blur of Victoria Milan, where you can keep the photos in a secret area and only the ones with a “key” can view them. The look-and-feel of this website is very neat and simplistic.

In addition to the usual features, they offer you a travelling app, where you can look for people in the particular area you will be visiting.


The last one would be OkCupid which currently holds 30 million active users. This site promises to bring out the “real” you, in contrast to its contemporaries. Nevertheless, with its neat appearance, witty remarks and interesting questionnaire, it can find you the right fit for your fantasies.
You can register for free and interact with the fellow users, but unlocking the premium package will offer you seven additional features to narrow down your hunt. Every profile you visit, the site will show you how much compatible and different you are with the person at the same time!

Overall, these websites smooth down your road to having an affair. You don’t need to go looking for guidebooks anymore- these sites serve the answer to why men have affairs if anyone wonders and could provide you the break you need from your monotonous life or potentially build a road to your happily ever after with the actual love of your life.

Immy Watson

Nov 9, 2017

Editor at Dating-Sites.co.uk, Expert on dating, Specialised in online dating, Knows everything about relationships!


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