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So, you’ve finally scored that date from Tinder huh? How exciting! But wait…What’s the next step? Where to go, what to do and how to do it? Fear not. We are here to help. Follow the Tinder date tips given here as the gospel truth and you should be good to go.
A brief about Tinder

In case you’ve been living under a massive rock for the last two years, something called Tinder has revolutionised the online dating premises. With their dating app and its convenient functionalities, finding the right one for you is now easier than ever. Available for both Android and iOS as well as a complementary website, it is now in the hand of every individual who is single and ready to mingle.

Time for the Tips!

1. Pick a safe and affordable spot

This person you have decided to go on a date with may or may not be the right one. Keeping that in mind, pick a place where you two will have plenty to talk about but all your monthly savings will not go up in one blow. There is no need to impress him/her with posh restaurants and costly food items. If it’s meant to be, an expensive bottle of champagne shouldn’t be a factor. So the safest and most common options in this regard are bars and coffee shops.

2. Study their body language

There is a lot more you can say through your body language than with your tongue. Postures and movements play a crucial role on dates, especially if it is the first one. If you find the guy leaned back with crossed arms in front of the girl rubbing the neck repeatedly, chances are your date is not feeling comfortable.

3. Where you seat matters

If you are the first one to appear on the date, make sure you take the seat from where the front door is visible. This way, when your date comes along, she/he doesn’t have to look for you harder or tap you on the back making a fiddly introduction.

4. Say no to cinema

Cinema is not a good choice for dating someone you are meeting for the first time. Because, except the 15-minute break in the middle, focusing on only the film’s dialogues and storyline will keep you to busy. 15 minutes is not enough time to break the ice or get to know someone. So save that hit movie in theaters for another date, hopefully, the second one?

5. Confidence

This is one of the no-brainers. Confidence has always been the key to any possible nerve-wracking experience. Usually, on a first date stemmed from online conversations, both parties are equally nervous. So no need to go through imaginary scenarios where everything goes wrong over and over in your mind. Just take a deep breath and tell yourself this will go fine.

6. Eye contact

The other person needs to feel a connection with you. To forge a strong bond on the very first date, keep making warm friendly eye contacts with the person all along. When they are speaking, listen to them attentively and look them directly in the eyes. Take all their facial features in as you would do with the most important notes before the exam night. This will make them feel flattered and assured that you are in fact interested in them.

7. Smile

A smile is another trait you can never go wrong with. It is a universal friendly gesture which makes anybody on the other end feel welcomed and comfortable. It can also help alleviate any kind of tension or anxiety you two might be having.

8. Alcohol intake

If you both have selected a bar as your dating spot, make sure you are not drinking all the alcohol available in the place to calm your nerves. Besides, don’t show up after drinking a whole lot because that will obviously ruin your first real impression on him/her. Let all those carefully crafted online teases live up to their expectations in a sober manner.

9. No mention of other Tinder dates

This is a date both of you have been thinking about all day and have been preparing for all evening. Why not keep the focus only on your chemistry? Don’t mention other matches you found there or other Tinder dates you have been to so far. That can also lead to pretty inescapable awkward silences.

10. Dive in deeper

No, we didn’t mean sex. Calm down. Since you two have been talking through chats for a while, you both are pretty familiar with what kind of lifestyle or preferences the other person has. So take this face-to-face opportunity to dive into their deeper thoughts and feelings. Let them be emotional or vulnerable if they want to go that way. Because that would just mean, you are turning into one of their closest ones.

11. Line up more activities

In case you both get lucky and this turns out to be one of the best dates ever, keep a list of further possible activities you two could participate in. These don’t need to be anything heavy or expensive. It could be as easy as a short stroll around town, bowling or rides in an amusement park close by.

12. Just be yourself!

Lastly and most importantly, don’t feel the need to change yourself to have a positive impact on them. They came for this date because they believe that the authentic “you” are worth their time. Since you have already engraved your idiosyncratic qualities into their mind, changing your tone of words or personality at this point would be ridiculous.

There you go! Twelve easy and game-changing Tinder tips for a successful and hopefully magical first date. Now go back to that profile you have been browsing all day and hit them up for a chat. Let them know about your interest followed by the line “Would you like to grab a cup of coffee sometime?” If he/she says yes, you know exactly what to do.

Immy Watson

Jan 10, 2018

Editor at, Expert on dating, Specialised in online dating, Knows everything about relationships!


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