how to have a succesful first date

First date tips – How to make a first date successful

So, you are finally going out on your first date with that someone you like. -But you have qualms about how to behave, dress or talk on that day because you don't want to mess it up. Don't worry, we are here to give you essential date tips.

Going on the initial date can be challenging. While you are trying to impress the other person, you are also trying to be yourself. The date can either end with a kiss or a bunch of regrets. It can also be hard to be sweet, considerate and friendly without seeming too desperate.

Keep your calm

First dates can be unexciting, awkward and torturous. It is understandable since you are meeting the person in a romantic setting, for the first time! Usually, people start building up to the date, days or weeks before. Excessive pressure, not enough chemistry, tiny mistakes and taking everything too serious are some of the things that can make a date go bad. If you follow our date tips, you will have nothing to worry about on that special day.

Check out our 5 major tips for a first date!

1. Be yourself

You could end up spending the rest of your life with the person you are with, on a date. Therefore, it is important that you show up as yourself. It is easy to be overly self-conscious on the first date, as you wonder whether you are impressing or disappointing the other person.

Presenting yourself as someone else or a ‘better' version of the real you is deceitful. Also, in the future, when both of you are in a relationship, some things about you might surface and compromise what the two of you have. Often, the reason why some relationships do not work is that the people involved disguised their true selves on the initial date, only for their traits to come out strongly later.

However, do it to a certain limit, to avoid looking selfish. Also, note that being yourself is different from talking over and over again about what you like and do not like.

2. Relax and have fun

Keep calm and enjoy your date. It will be harder for you to enjoy the date and learn the other person if you are tensed or under too much pressure. Do not concentrate on what could go wrong. Instead, take every moment positively and enjoy yourself.

If you are not relaxed, you risk making clumsy or stupid mistakes like knocking over the glass. Your fork or spoon falling once is an accident but twice, or both falling at the same time is as a result of tension.

Being relaxed helps you to enjoy the environment of your date, whether it is a restaurant, amusement park or club. If you are calm and composed, you will be able to listen and observe your date, thus knowing them more. In case the date does not go well, you will still walk away a happy person because you were relaxed and you enjoyed meeting someone new.

3. Look your best

If you are usually not keen on your looks and grooming, this is the day you compromise. Although we have told you to show up as yourself, you have to do some extra grooming for the date. A well-groomed person is more attractive than someone who just threw a t-shirt or wig on and walked out without carefully looking into the mirror. Here are some good grooming things you can do:

  • Have a bath or shower within three or four hours before your date.
  • Confirm that your hair is neat and there are no small pieces of fabric on your head.
  • Brush your teeth and if you cannot, carry some mint-spray for your breath.
  • Apply deodorant or spray yourself with the highest quality cologne in your reach.
  • Watch out for small details like buttons, the collar and fly.

4. Get physically closer to your date

Close up the gap between you and your date by touching hands or sitting next to each other. At a dinner table, sit next to each other instead of across the table. If you are taking a walk or standing, your shoulders and elbows should graze and brush. No matter what you do, ensure that you have some kind of physical contact with your date.

5. Go somewhere that the two of you will enjoy

For your date, do something that the two of you will enjoy. If you can, avoid the traditional ‘coffee' or ‘dinner' dates because they imply an interview-like setting. Other date ideas include; a walk to the beach, attending festivals, hiking, karaoke and games like bowling.

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Sep 15, 2017

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