how to create a dating profile and what to not put on it

What you should never put on your dating profile!

Smartphones and internet both are two of the most common possessions nowadays for people. They have been revolutionizing the world in more than one way and have been solving a multitude of problems including relationships or lack thereof.

Evidently, online dating has also become a global phenomenon and there are a huge number of dating platforms taking advantage of that for years. Unfortunately, we still haven’t reached a time where everyone knows what to keep and what to avoid while preparing their dating profile. So here is a list of a few things your profile should stay away from.

What not to put on your profile

1. Lies

It is both unethical and unimpressive if your profile is full of lies. Sure, you might be tempted to sit behind the screen and fill up the account with all kinds of fake information which would lure in a huge number of interested people, but then what? Sooner or later, it will all blow up on your face. And in case you grow genuine feelings for a person, just that temptation of a moment can ruin it all.

We all have flaws. Almost none of us look like celebrities in real life, many of us are dealing with financial problems or emotional difficulties and of course, all of us carry some lackings in our personality and character. Therefore, there is no need to present yourself as Mr. Perfect or Ms. Perfect. Write some honest lines about yourself with some real profile data and you are good to go!

2. Previous relationships

Nobody is interested in knowing about your ex or previous relationships. They are history, right? Hence no need to mention them in the present, especially when it is being read by a potential partner of the future! If you are divorced or just broke up with your partner, we know you are going through a rough patch, but don’t include that information in your bio.

It might give others a negative idea about you or make you seem like someone who is here for just a rebound relationship. Once you get close enough to the other person and feel like it is going in a serious direction, you can bring up these topics then.

3. Rants

Negativity is never cool. Maybe it has been so in your teenage and rebellious youth, but in the world of online dating, it is always a big no-no. No one wants to hang around someone who is pessimistic or who whines all day instead of embracing the positive things in the world. If it ever comes up in a conversation only then expand on it, otherwise no need to vent about it on your profile and scare off visitors right away. So refrain from putting a tagline or a detailed description of what you hate, how much you hate it or why you hate it on the bio.

4. Vagueness

If you are going to give any information on your profile, put it out there clearly. Vague lines or long descriptions which ultimately say nothing substantial are a huge waste of time for anybody reading those. Everyone nowadays has a busy life and none of them would like to spend 15 unproductive minutes on a single profile. And if you do that, surely you will not be getting any positive response from them. So be brief and to-the-point in your profile description.

5. Too many details

Some people do the exact opposite of vagueness and go to the other end of the spectrum by sharing absolutely everything with the world. This includes their body measurements, hair color, body type, qualifications etc.

Some dating platforms have a separate section where you can specify all these in case someone wants to know more or is filtering their search results based on such data. So no need to put them all in your bio and tire out the readers scrolling to the bottom. Most of them will actually just press “back” button and move on, without any shred of hesitation.

6. Personal info

Of course, exchanging phone numbers is a standard beginning of most relationships, but why share it even with the strangers? Keep all your sensitive and crucial information to yourself. Do not reveal your phone numbers, address, email, working place or real full name on these platforms. Many harmful people are also present on this sites no matter how high a security bar they have set.

Age, sexual orientation, and relationship status are about the only information your profile needs to give to a stranger. If any sparks fly between you and a member, only then share numbers or email with them.

Besides, stop uploading pictures with geo-locations tagged in them. From that one photo, anybody can figure out where you live and might show up without any heads-up.

7. Emoji-based description

Emojis are cool and fun. Many feelings can be expressed through them briefly and accurately with just a tap on your screen. However, these are also very childish and filling up your profile description with only emojis makes you seem like a naive teenager. If you want real grown-up people to visit your profile and consider you as a possible date, avoid overuse of these emoticons.

8. The photo saga

If all pictures on your profile are limited to only selfies, only group photos or photos where you never appear, the reliability meter automatically gets down a few notches. Posting only selfies make the others feel like you are socially reclusive. They may get the impression that you have no friends, people don't like you or you are too SELFIEsh (get it?).

Only group photos, on the other hand, will confuse all visitors as they don’t know who to look for in these photos! If you do love a group photo that you want to post, include them towards the end or after ⅔ good single photos. Lastly, photos where no human appears like pictures of natural sceneries, comical art pieces or random inanimate objects, give the people no choice but to avoid you. They HAVE to know what you look like in order to grow an interest in you.

Additionally, don’t include pictures where you appear with someone of the opposite gender or the gender of your interest. Even if it is just a friend or your sibling, everyone visiting will automatically think of that person as your ex or someone you are casually dating. So be very careful with photos uploaded to your profile. Think about all other factors rather than just how you look in it.

9. Braggart

Even if you are a narcissist in real life, no need to make it too obvious on your profile. Anybody who says “I am an intellectual” automatically proves himself or herself as the least intellectual person to exist on that dating site. If you are truly intelligent, fill up your bio with interesting information rather than just how good you are or what you have achieved so far.

Also never put in sentences like “I am a nice guy” or “I am a humble person”. Once you start a conversation with someone, that person will be able to figure out themselves if you are nice or humble. Spelling it out for them in the bio contradicts the very statements!

10. Clichéd phrases

Online dating platforms have been here for a long time and thus if you use any cliché phrase in your profile bio, it will do nothing good but bore the other person right away. Things like “love to have fun”, “like long walks on the beach” or “I am unique” are exactly equal to saying “I am not interesting”. Why would anybody want to date someone who didn’t even bother to put some effort into making their profile the least bit compelling? Remember to avoid such overused phrases and come up with something original to keep their eyes on your profile for at least a few seconds.

11. Demands’ list

Another trait of narcissism is posting a laundry list of qualities you want in your date. Surely everyone has their own “type” and will be inclined to let the profile visitors know that right away. So qualities like “non-smoker”, “good sense of humor” or preferences related to appearance, religion, location etc are absolutely acceptable and understandable. But presenting your demands like a 6.1” tall millionaire with a pet white poodle and silver Porsche 918 is a classic example of obnoxious behavior.

Even if you strongly believe you “deserve” these qualities from a date, try to set your ego on hibernation mode and proceed to write more positive lines in your bio which would encourage the reader to at least knock you up on chats.

Also, steer clear of the word-pair “no drama”. That will seem to others like you are someone who always blames others in any difficult situation. Every adult wants to date someone responsible. So organize your bio very responsibly.

In short, just be mindful of the things you would never mention or go for on a first date and avoid those while fixing your online dating profile as well!

Immy Watson

Feb 25, 2018

Editor at, Expert on dating, Specialised in online dating, Knows everything about relationships!

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