Here’s to the dating site which has earned an admirable number of accomplishments and great reviews over the years! While there are many websites and apps highlighting erotic dating and fairytale romance online, platforms dedicated to people exhausted from long hours of work hardly come by.


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lovestruck dating site for everyone who is searching for a relationship

Lovestruck in a nutshell

Lovestruck is an award-winning dating platform dedicated to the busy individuals of the United Kingdom. They offer reliable and convenient service to those people who are chasing their dreams but want someone by their side nonetheless. Having a partner who genuinely wants your best can be a great motivator no matter what your field of expertise is. People at Lovestruck understand that and provide you traces of individuals with a mindset similar to yours.

For their work so far, they have achieved multiple awards like the Dating Website of the Year in 2014 and the Online Dating Brand of the Year in 2015. Also, the founder of this platform – Brett Harding had been listed as one of the Courvoisier Future 500 back in 2011. With all these recognition, Lovestruck has established itself as one of the strong competitors in the online dating arena.

Features Lovestruck offers:

Lovestruck took advantage of this situation and made their service centered around those ambitious people with strenuous jobs. With thousands of local members, frequent events and reasonably priced memberships, it is growing into a big name day by day.

1. For busy professionals

This dating site is aimed at people who do not have the time to spend hours on finding love online. Rather, Lovestruck is the platform made for busy professionals who are working hard throughout the day to shine in their career and prepare a life of financial comfort. That is why, most users here are matured individuals over the age of 30 with a university degree and thus, do not plan to waste time in just fooling around.

2. Based in the UK

A factor which can be both a downside and an upside is that this whole platform is based solely on the United Kingdom area. It can be an advantage because this will allow the members to go on dates in real life with no virtual limitations. At the same time, it could be a disadvantage for all of you living outside Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Lovestruck offers its services only to people of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh and other local regions.

3. Lovestruck Profile verification

Like most of its contemporaries, Lovestruck also has adopted a profile verification system which makes sure all the individuals signed up here are in fact what they claim. Their single status is validated through integrations with their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts. Each account is also bound to be verified by an SMS to the member’s phone, once s/he create a profile here.

4. Behavioral matchmaking

There is something called behavioral recommendation engine embedded on this site which runs different algorithms on its database of 250,000 users to find the ones most suitable for you. This engine takes all of your activities into account including winks, profile views and favorites to understand what kind of partner you are looking for exactly. As a result, the suggestions made by the site turn out to be pretty accurate!

5. Message feed

The messages have their own page where you can move to and fro between inbox, send and archive, as well as an additional section named “from favorites”. So if your heart has already decided on some people to be more charming than others, you can give them some extra attention through that extra tab.

6. Exclusive events for singles

Since Lovestruck is full of local singles searching for love, they organize events regularly to bring them all under one roof. These gatherings are categorized into two major types such as – the regular event nights and the Laissez-Faire parties which require no entry fee. Normally, these events attract 400 to 900 paid members to appear and make new bonds.

7. Extensive search options

The search option usually displayed over the list of suggested members, may not seem like much initially. But once you click on “Advanced search” right beside it, there will be a plethora of filters presented to you. The filter terms are divided into six broad categories of appearance, background, education, lifestyle, and interests. So, you can find whatever you want here based on something as trivial as hair color to something as sensitive as religion!

8. Privacy and anonymity

They promise to keep you away from any unpleasant experience like spammers and stalkers. All the beautiful, quirky or spicy interactions you handle here will go straight to your Lovestruck mailbox instead of your main email address. Also, this email address will never be shown on your profile so that no one gets to send you any nasty content.

You can also block any user anytime you want if they are prying into your personal space. Once you do, they can never contact you or see your profile again. You will also have the freedom to let only your favorites view some photos from the visibility settings on the main menu.

Free Lovestruck Account Benefits

With a free account comes few of the basic benefits of searching for someone specific, looking at anybody’s profile and selecting up your privacy level. In terms of interactions, you can wink at others and pick favorites.

The most depressing thing about a free profile is that you only get to upload four photos. This is probably done so that, anybody visiting your account does not have to go through hundreds of photos to make up their mind about you, thus saving them some time. But in this age of so many media and other dating platforms with a much larger photo-bucket per user, this feature is definitely a letdown.

Cost and Memberships

A paid account will allow up to 8 photos in total (which is still not that impressive, but definitely better than 4) and exchange an infinite number of messages. Moreover, you can view who is interested in you by clicking on “Viewed me”, “Favorited me” and “Liked me”. Premium memberships will also allow you to join the events organized for singles.

To achieve these benefits, you can pick any of the three kinds of subscriptions which come in packages of a month, 3 months or 6 months. They will cost you £29.99, £59.97 and £77.94 respectively. The last two can also save you 33% to 56% of the money!

All these packages will keep renewing themselves automatically when the term ends. You can stop that by emailing them at at least two working days before the ending date. This email must be sent from the email address you signed up with and must include your Lovestruck username.

Apps and Social Media

You can keep in touch with your dreamgirls or dreamguys on the go with their award-winning dating app available both on Google Play and iTunes. These apps have been at your service since May 2010 and vibrate any time compatible members are around!
They are also present on social media through their Facebook and Twitter accounts which are actively updated.

Pros and Cons

To summarize, here are the most significant aspects of this service noted down in brief:

• Easy to use
• Local interactions
• Many highly educated members
• Most users aged 30+
• Detailed search filters
• Validated profiles
• Regular events for singles
• Several privacy level options

• Limited to the only UK
• Only 4 to 8 photos allowed on profile
• Low-quality display of images
• Non-responsive customer service

If you are living in the Uk and are frustrated with a hectic life, take some time out and relax on Lovestruck. Meet other singles in the area and vent out as much as you want. Strike similar chords to advance the relationship and who knows? A successful love story may be in order!

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  • Easy to use
  • Local interactions
  • Validated profiles


  • Limited to the only UK
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Mar 1, 2018

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