Parship is one of the leading dating websites in the UK with over a decade’s experience in this field. With a broad demographic and great record of successful matchmaking, it mainly serves people looking for long-term relationships. Many users found their life partners here and you might take a chance as well!

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User experiences with Parship

Among the user experiences, there have been responses on both positive and negative sides of the spectrum. The highlight on the positive side seems to be the matchmaking system. Most users giving it a high rating have claimed it to be very helpful and accurate in finding their true love. The matching algorithm has been working very well for Parship as long as it has existed. Some of these users even ended up being together for life!

On the other hand, there have been complaints regarding the technicalities of the website and the app. The users have expressed their dissatisfaction about the site freezing from time to time and slow speed while communicating with other members.

In addition to that, some found it difficult to figure out a way to cancel the membership. Many reviewers revealed their bitter experiences with getting emails mentioning that they are being charged even if they used the site for a short time. Money problems have been a big and consistent one for Parship and it has to figure out a way around it.

Costs and memberships of Parship

Parship offers a free membership and several premium memberships. Among the premium ones, you have to pay £14.90 per month for a 6-month membership, £19.90 per month for a 3-month membership and £29.90 per month for a 1-month membership. All these subscriptions get automatically renewed at the end of the period you signed up for. Cancelling these renewals would be a safer option to avoid losing any money during your inactivity on this site. Also, paying with a credit card can give you constant updates any time a change occurs in the transaction amount.

What comes with a free account

A free account offers very limited functionalities including limited viewing of the list of people visiting your profile and limited exchange of messages. Only the partner suggestions feature is offered fully. You cannot even view the photos clearly without signing up for a Premium account. Parship has attributed this to ensure the maximum security for its users. Their philosophy is that – the users who sign up here just for fun and are not willing to pay the minimum amount to find their most worthy partner, might not be the people you can rely on to date you without an agenda.

Why choose this datingsite

Parship heavily relies on science and proven methodologies to find you the perfect spouse. With a Premium account, you can examine your personality through a pictorial test, established on the scientific principles of a 30 year old research. Among the 32 personality traits and an algorithm of 136 rules, this has proved to be a very reliable site over the decade when it comes to finding the right partner.

  • Compatibility percentage
  • You can see your compatibility percentage against all your matches, which ranges from 60 to 140. The average score here is 100 and these figures can help you point out the members with the most potential to be your significant other.

  • Serious relationships
  • While there are many places online nowadays where anyone can go looking for a fling, this site is the ideal one where people can really expect a serious relationship and make their fairytale dream come true.

  • A decade's record
  • In spite of being in the business for a decade, Parship has always upheld its position among the top ten dating websites in the UK. This is because, no matter what technical difficulties came along their path, they never compromised with their matchmaking ideals. They always brought the truly best matches to the users and the thousand success stories are there to prove it.

  • Balanced gender distribution
  • Around 23,000 people sign up every week to find love here. There is a pretty balanced gender distribution of 51% male and 49% female, so you don’t need to worry about your chances no matter what gender you are. Besides, 52% of these people are graduates. So if you are looking for someone educated to be by your side, this is the perfect place for you.

  • Top-Notch security
  • Parship also offers top-notch security when it comes to your photos as well as personal information. The 128 bit SSL encryption, ID checking, profile verification by staff members and secure photo albums guarantee the safety of your account. Also, the spam filter of this site is one of the best because hardly any user ever comes across a scam.

    The Parship Dating App and optimised web version

    Parship has a mobile optimised web version available, along with an iPhone app of the same name.
    The app comes in various language preferences including Dutch, French, German etc. It offers a simple, neat and vibrant interface just like the website and features all functionalities as on the main site. With the optimised version you can make the smart choice of saving some mobile data while browsing your most fitting matches.
    So now with these two, you can stay connected with your perfect match wherever you go! Be it the workplace, a vacation, a night out or just a lazy morning, you can always connect with your potential partner at any given time.

    Bottom line

    Among the thousand options on the internet these days, Parship offers you the best possibility of finding your one true love with the help of science. It is your perfect wingman who assures your animosity and security while you go looking for love. It has worked as the cupid in many love stories. Why not let it do the same for you?

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    • Consistent record of perfect matches
    • Educated users
    • Free of charge to try
    • Balanced gender distribution


    • Limited features with free account
    Immy Watson

    Nov 7, 2017

    Editor at, Expert on dating, Specialised in online dating, Knows everything about relationships!

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