Looking for a romantic partner but don’t know where to look exactly? Tired of unsuccessful dates with strangers? Fear not! Zoosk to the rescue! This matchmaking site had emerged years ago as the digital cupid, saving single minds from lonely nights and awkward encounters. To this date, they still make fairy tales come true for thousands of its members.

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What is Zoosk?

Zoosk is one of the dominant dating companies in America and hails from San Francisco. It began its journey a decade ago in 2007 and is still going strong. The strongest force behind this long-lasting success is due to their clear understanding of how the digital world works and how crucial it is to be active there.

They have always been one step ahead of its contemporaries when it comes to releasing apps or being available on various social media. Their consistent self-growth tactics and persistent marketing skills have led millions of users, including millennials, to give Zoosk a shot. With a primary focus on the singles, it has managed to make up some of the best love stories as you can view on their success stories page.

Why would I join Zoosk?

1. Focused on singles

The communities dedicated to online dating vary a lot in categories. Some aim for couples, some for infidelity, while some for just casual fun. Zoosk, on the other hand, looks to give the single people who are really searching for a suitable partner a chance. These individuals are seeking long-term relationships with a person they can rely on eyes closed. Zoosk allows them an opportunity where they don’t have to go through awkward blind dates to find their soulmate.

2. Million members around the world

Currently, there are a staggering number of 40 million members here looking for love and intimacy. The more astonishing part is that all these people don’t come from just one region. They are spread over a total of 80 countries and that’s why the website supports about 25 different languages to help the lovers communicate comfortably.

Of course, this also means, the level of diversity maintained here is refreshing as well. People of varying origins, religions and sexual orientations assemble on Zoosk with an open mind to embrace romance.

3. Almost equal gender ratio

Even with such a huge number of users, the company has kept its gender ratio almost equal with 52% male and 48% female members. Thus, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed by the huge number of people, who belong to a gender you are not interested in. Instead, you can be sure to have just enough potential partners to bet your luck on.

4. Smart matching techniques

Zoosk follows something called the Behavioural Matchmaking technology which is basically an algorithm that tracks the million users’ behaviors and moves. Based on their clicks and inputs, the website suggests them probable partners who will suit their taste and preferences the best. The people chosen for you in this method are termed as your “SmartPick”s. Both the SmartPick and the Behavioural Matchmaking are the trademark technologies of Zoosk and are always mentioned as the main highlight of their service.

5. Verified photos

Photos of users need to be verified before they can put them up as the profile picture. At present, the number of verified photos has gone over 8 million and more interested parties are joining the community every month! Through their photo verification system, they ensure if the face in picture and the appearance of the user resemble the same person. This is one of their attempts towards nullifying the presence of fake profiles in the massive user-base.

6. Personal chatrooms

Send personalized messages to the people you find compelling and continue the conversation in private chatrooms. In order to chat with someone, you need to first send him or her the request to start a conversation with you. This can be done by first visiting their profile and then selecting “Smile”, “Like” or “Send a message”.

As soon as you pick any of those options, the recipient will get a notification about it. If he or she chooses to accept the request, the receiver will be added to your connections list and only then you can go further with the newly formed contact. According to the latest statistics on the website, about three million messages are exchanged on this website on a daily basis.

7. Transparency and reliability

Zoosk is one of the few trusted dating companies which are accredited by BBB ( Better Business Bureau). Besides, there is no gray area involved when it comes to user accounts.
The users can integrate their Zoosk accounts with their Facebook account. This way, you can figure out if the one you are dreaming about a real person or a fake profile. Also, through their social media accounts, you can get an overall idea of the person’s likings and mindset.

Moreover, anyone who wants to fool around would not waste real money for elaborate pranks. Since no one can connect to you personally without being a paid member, you can have faith that this interested person is genuinely curious about you and not a scammer.

Why do I need to pay?

To see what a paid membership can bring you, there is an option to have a preview by signing up for a free profile. But in this mode, you cannot interact enough with other users.

Their method of payment is a bit unusual since you don’t have to pay cash directly. Instead, there is the concept of Zoosk coins. After purchasing these virtual coins you can unlock the premium features like personal messaging.

Is there an app for it?

Yes, there is! Multiple in fact. There are three versions of their apps, each active on Google Play for Android, iOS App store for iPhones and even on Amazon from 2010. When it comes to technological advancements, Zoosk leaves no stone unturned to bring their brand onto the savviest platforms.

Between 2011 and 2012 their app has won multiple recognition at award programs like Reader’s Choice and AppAppeal. It secured the fifth place in the global standings of dating apps and the third among American ones. But the best was yet to come! In 2015 it finally won the number one spot on the Webby Awards and stunned everyone.

Can I find them on social media?

Even though it is technically ten years old, Zoosk does not dwell in the archaic times. One of the reasons they are still going so strong in the dating business is that they understand the importance of online marketing. And as we all know, a big part of digital marketing is letting people know you exist through keeping up appearances on various social media.

Zoosk takes full advantage of the modern-day opportunities and has accounts on a number of interactive websites. They are present on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Glassdoor.

Videos, posts, and reviews concerning their services and the users’ experiences are published regularly on these online portals. As a result, more and more young souls are becoming aware of the site’s existence and are diving into its world of countless possibilities.

Bottom line

Ultimately, Zoosk is a place where science meets emotions. Through pre-set algorithms, new rhythms are created in hearts of the million members. If you want to taste a bit of this journey, sign up today to view the innumerable possibilities waiting for you and your love life.

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  • Global members
  • Photo verification
  • Scientific matchmaking
  • Singles only
  • Balanced gender distribution
  • Real-time messaging
  • Active presence on social media
  • Multi-language support
  • Top-notch app version
  • Decade’s success


  • Not successful enough for people above 35 years of age
  • No integrated webcam
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Dec 30, 2017

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