Fancyafling Review


Tired of being judged for your sexual inclinations and desires? Maybe you can’t seem to find people to express your sexual intents with? You don’t have to give up just yet. There’s a platform free from bigots and prejudiced people that allows you to explore and express your sexuality with like-minded people. What’s more? You can do this from the comfort of your couch munching on your favorite snack, with your favorite show playing in front of you. Fancyafling is the online dating site that makes this possible. Let’s get right into familiarizing you with the amazing experience you could have…

Get to know Fancyafling

Fancyafling is an online dating platform based in the United Kingdom that helps connect singles and people looking to explore their sexualities with other people of similar interests. The platform looks to solve a lot of social problems by presenting its users with matches that complement them, and what they want. By expressly knowing the personality of the users and their desired partners, the algorithm can present other users that are nearby tailored to tastes specific to each user. Using interests and location filled in by users during the registration process, the site not only presents you with real-life people who live around you, but it also makes sure they are people who have the same sexual fantasies as you. And you don’t even have to suffer the stress of searching. This is all anyone could ever ask for; efficiency coupled with ease. How do you register? Check it out…

How does Fancyafling work?

Fancyafling has a very responsive website, which makes it easy to access from different devices, from laptops to tablets to smartphones. Long on to and it instantly takes you to the homepage where you can either log in as a returning member or sign up as a new member. Signing up is straightforward, easy, and user-friendly. Signing up requires you to choose a unique username and a password, and you’ll be directed to the next stage. Here, you choose your gender and the gender you’re interested in. Fancyafling is open and all-inclusive, remember?


Creating a profile

Once you’ve selected your gender and the gender you’re interested in, the next step is to input a valid email address and your date of birth, which is to make sure you’re above the minimum age that can be legally allowed to access the site. A verification email will be sent to the email address provided to prove the authenticity. Follow the instructions in the mail to activate your account. Yay! Your profile has been successfully created. You’re less than five minutes away from talking to hot men and women near you.

A set of questions regarding the site and user permissions will be asked excitingly, but don’t worry, this won’t take long at all. Once that is done, you can head on to the ‘My Profile’ tab at the top of the page to complete your profile with your details; your profile picture, private pictures, physical attributes such as height, hair color, eye color, and body type, and marital status. There’ll also be a box provided for you to concisely describe yourself. You can interest people checking out your profiles easily with how you have described yourself. Click on “SAVE’ and you’re all good to go. Let’s get flinging.

Finding Contact on Fancyafling

With your profile completed, you’ll see a list of profiles of other users that fit your preferences and are around your area. You can decide to send a message or check out the profile of any of these accounts. These accounts are listed under the ‘Members’ tab and right next to it is the ‘Matches’ tab where you can like profiles randomly, and if they like your profile back, it becomes a match. Fancyafling is a popular dating site and it boasts a number of daily signups and logins, therefore you never have to bother about running out of options.

Design and Navigation

Fancyafling has an attractive design, and the homepage gives off a modern sexy vibe. Both new and returning users get the feel of expression right from the start, with the high-quality and user-friendly interface of the site. Navigation is pretty easy as the page is well defined and separated into sections to help users find their way around without stress.

The ‘Members’ tab gives you access to the numerous profiles registered on the site that may be of interest to you. Here, you can browse through as many user profiles as possible, while liking or sending messages to any of your choices.

The ‘Matches’ tab shows you your matches, and also presents profiles that you can like. When two users like each other’s profiles, it’s a match.

Under ‘Visitors’, you can see who visited or checked out your profile, and you can check out theirs too.

‘My Profile’ is where you can edit your details, change your password, or alter your preferences as you wish.

Under the ‘Chat’ menu, you can see who has messaged you and who you have sent messages to. This is where you can access all of your conversations on the platform.

You can choose not to release your photos to other users, and also report accounts that you don’t find comfortable.


Pricing and Benefits

Registration on ‘Fancyafling’ is completely free, and so is profile creation and receiving messages. To unlock more features and send messages to your matches and other interesting profiles, you have to make use of credits. You can buy credits with any of these plans:

  • 3 credits… £3
  • 6 credits… £15
  • 20 credits… £40
  • 62 credits… £120
  • 100 credits… £150
  • 240 credits… £300

Fancyafling gives you absolute choice and freedom over your account, therefore all purchases are one-off and non-recurring. Each message you sent to other accounts costs you one credit, but the results are totally worth the price. Just like Amelia says in her review:

“I used to think it was too expensive using this site, but after seeing the quality of matches I got, I decided to give it a try. It was surprising to see how many hot guys lived around me that are down to get freaky. I’ve met about four guys from Fancyafling in the last two months, and the last three gave me a good time and were really great in bed. I wish I had known about this site sooner”

Exciting people around you are waiting to have amazing sexual adventures with you, and all you need to do is choose. No need to wait around, mate. Get-a-flinging.



Fancyafling is an entertaining site created to give the utmost pleasure to its users by connecting them to one another based on their location and interests. Fancyafling saves you the time, effort, and stress of searching for casual hookups and sexual adventures by presenting you with the most suitable people around you. All you have to do is be yourself, explore the array of options, and make your picks. Your privacy and security are taken seriously and all data on the website is encrypted and inaccessible to a third party. Fancyafling ensures you have a safe and exciting dating experience, allowing you room for full expression without fear of judgment or prejudice. So, go ahead, explore your sexuality and get your freak on by signing up and meeting people of similar interests.

An ever-responsive customer service is always available to resolve your complaints and answer your inquiries. Just send a mail to