The 6 best dating sites

In a world where almost everyone is stuck on a tight schedule, technology has made it easier for people to stay connected. Apart from staying connected, people can also find companions or even love using technology. This draws our attention to one very important technological tool available globally, which is dating sites. Dating sites are systems designed to help people search for and get to know prospective connections on the internet. This type of interaction is often with the intention of breeding personal, casual, platonic, and sexual relationships. A search on the internet will reveal tons of dating sites available to people all over the world, and sometimes some of these sites can also come with restrictions of some sort.

One question that is posed by the existence of these sites is: which are the best dating sites for casual dating? This is because while some people tend to look for serious dates and other forms of relationships, some people are searching for casual dates. Under the niche casual dating sites, many parameters are reviewed to ensure the site has good standing. Based on some credible online reviews, below is a brief description of the best casual dating sites.


Is a dating site based in Los Angeles, California and established in the year 2000. This dating site is owned by Nucom ecommerce. There are a lot of features available on this site that makes it the top of the list. It uses a scientific method called the Compatibility Matching System to create better matches for its members, and this reduces the task of having to search through tons of profiles to find a match. A third-party service is also available to verify its members and expose fake profiles. Also attached to this site is an advice blog that drops tips on how to land successful relationships on the site. This site also consists of a wide age range of members in various locations, thereby creating a spice in variety. It also offers some profound services to its registered premium members at a pocket-friendly price, and lastly, the site is also generous enough to include a limited number of preferences for the LGBTQ and singles community.

As the domain implies, is an online dating site created with the intention of helping educated people connect with each other. This site makes use of an extensive personality test in the form of a questionnaire to analyze an individual and prospective ideal partner’s personality based on answers provided upon registration. This site is mostly filled with intellectuals in the UK and, based on research, its members, both male and female, are between the ages of 35 and 54. This site also prides itself on offering its users detailed account information about another user. The website version comes with a defined and well-crafted design. This ensures that navigating the site is quite easy and members find it user-friendly. This site also has a free app available for download on Google Play.

Which officially started in Germany in March 2004, but expanded to the UK in 2007, stands as one of the best and biggest dating sites with a user base of about 36 million registered members. Their motto portrays how far they can go to bring the best of services to their users, just like other notable dating sites in their league. This site uses a scientific personality assessment test to analyze the compatibility of users, and as usual, a profile is suggested to a user with a close match. The site also follows the trend of bringing services to a variety of sexual orientations, including straight, gay, and lesbians. The site also offers specialized search criteria to allow users to identify with like minds. The availability of a mobile app and a live chat for user support keeps Be2 in the league of the best.

Is one fast-growing dating site known for its services in connecting older singles with each other. This site also functions on a science-based personality assessment test to provide its users with maximum user satisfaction. It also combines user-friendliness with a detailed account registration process for profiles. There is also an option to connect with users using chat rooms or videos. This site is also gender-friendly to females, as it allows free messaging for ladies. You can also access and view the compatibility level of a user with another while viewing their profile. Lastly, this site is considered highly user-friendly for elderly people who may not be conversant with rigorous dating site processes.

Is one site to rely on if one is looking to explore casual and serious dating. This site, which was launched in 1995 in the US, can be accessed using a phone or personal computer. As an old timer in the game, this site uses the conventional style of dating sites, where a registered user creates a profile and scans through other profiles to check for matching users. This site has some unique features available for its users, such as the Discover button, which provides a wide option for a user to check on potential matches. This site also holds webinars for its users where they are taught how to be successful with online dating. These events come with trips where compatible users can go for a vacation. The well-organized setting of the site makes it user-friendly, allowing users to access information with ease. The site also takes extreme care to ensure the platform is devoid of fake profiles.

What characteristics distinguish a good dating site?

Large membership database

This is one of the top criteria in assessing how good a dating site is. The quantity of users often determines if the dating site offers what they claim to. No one will be stuck in a place that is not beneficial. People tend to be attracted to value, hence we see a large crowd at any point of value.

Fair spread between men and women

Uunless for sites that are strictly for any other sexual orientation aside from straight people, the number of men and women is supposed to complement each other. This will ensure that there is no shortage of one gender to match the other and also ensure users get optimum satisfaction.

A high success ratio, real reviews

While we look at quantity, a closer observation of the quality of the dating site is also paramount. Users are supposed to be able to achieve whatever it is that they are aiming for when creating a profile on a site within the shortest time possible. The availability of honest reviews from both satisfied and unsatisfied users is also a great way of rating a good dating site.

Serious tone, users are looking into a serious relationship

Aside from people who specify that they are looking for casual dates and non-serious relationships, a dating site is intended to be populated by users who are serious about their business. Not scammers, fake profiles, or even robots. Most dating sites often come with an option to subscribe with a fixed amount of money for premium services, and no one will be happy if, after subscription, it is all a joke. A good dating site should be designed in a manner that keeps business serious.

Different ways to match (Wipe games, video calling, sending out flirts, etc.)

Adding a spice to the process of match making is fun and a good characteristic of a good dating site, while technology offers improvement in all walks of life. The dating site industry is not left out. Users who experience thrilling features different from conventional ones are often excited about rating a dating site as good.

Personality test to match

The aim of dating sites is to ease the search for like-minded people, hence the advent of science-based personality tests incorporated into the sites’ algorithms to provide a satisfactory user experience.

User friendliness

Navigating dating sites should not be rocket science. The user interface of a dating site should be designed in a way that users find it very easy to access information.

A dedicated app

This is also another angle of user-friendly dating platforms. Most site users prefer the ease that comes with using the app version than the web version of a desired platform.