Match Review

Uk.MatchBanner1 is not a scam or phony dating site! Find love in the comfort of your own home.

If you know what love is, then should be the first dating app or site to try out.

Whether it is your first time using a dating site or you are about to give up on using a dating site, there are no dating sites in the UK as great as UK Match.Is your interest in casual dating, sexual dating, or marriage?

Long story short, this is the best dating in London you will ever find.

If you are intentional about finding love or casual dating without mincing words, is one of the best, if not the best, online dating sites in the United Kingdom. It exudes class and stands out from the crowd.

Here are some of the features that distinguish and validate UK.match.

  • Customer service is top-notch.
  • There is no fictitious account.
  • They ensure that profiles are verified. That’s why it takes longer time to be approved.
  • Payments are secured, as are your card details.
  • You get dating tips for free.
  • There’s an AI that track cyber bully

This is value!!.

How does UK.match works?


Getting on is easy and stress free. The only problem with registering is that it takes longer time for profiles to be approved. A  requires that you

  • State the gender you are interested in
  • State your gender
  • Give correct age details
  • State your first name
  • Give your Email address
  • Choose your password

After this is done you will have to wait for a day or two before you can be accepted on takes longer to get verified because this system place high value on quality than quantity.


Creating a profile

Answering personality tests is the way to create an appealing profile on uk.match. Trust me, you do not want to use guess answers because what you give is what you will be matched with, so try to be as honest as possible in answering these test questions. Finally, you need to write something about yourself. Lovely notes about yourself, sharing your lifestyle, appearance, and physique.

Profiles on

The profiles on are real and genuine. It is dominated mainly by males and females who find the opposite gender attractive. People outside and within your city are found on this platform. What I especially love are the match events. There are paid events and free events. Paid events involve attending webinars organized by the team to teach useful ingredients for any relationship. It’s a paid event. It’s an interesting meeting where mates can connect with each other based on sexual contact or long-lasting friendships.

Contact features

Uk.match team did amazingly good when planning out features. It is so obvious that they are clients focused. The search tool is powerful and the alogrithm does magic. Here is a list of features that has made internet dating easy;

Top picks: these are lists of perfect matches for you.

Video date This feature is the hallmark of every dating sites. It is important to see before you fall in love

Incognito mode: it let you visit profiles secretly with match,com alert the user

Zen mode: this is an indicator  that shows if allows only those that meets your interest contact you

Match event this is an organized event platform by the team on social media. Event includes music night, webinars educating users on love matters

Meet singles near you: this features inform you about singles in your area for love nights and you are encouraged app is available on Google play and app store

Design and navigation

The UI/UX design of decipits beauty. The background of the site is a picture of a black couple who are smiling at each other. The website is secure, and the site speed is very fast. At the top left of the registration page, there is an icon that has links to creating profiles for meeting fellow gays or lesbians. Couples who were lucky to find love always come back to share their love story in the testimonial box. The team always provides dating tips no matter what the level of relationship you are in. For me, is like a university of love. You can’t afford to miss being here.

Cost en  services has a free dating site version where anyone can find   which allows you view profiles and feel features which will be useful to you when you upgrade to the paid version.

You know Testimonials don’t lie, kindly read these honest reviews from others who have once being skeptical about the paid version;

When I first started out on match,I just the free dating option,I thought it was foolishness to pay.I mean love is free why should I pay for something I can get freely just anywhere. One day something different happened I joined a live video and the coach was teaching on possible reasons why she said NO. the thirty minutes video lecture was intriguing and i discover that I was breaking a lot of rules in casual dating. Out of curiosity to know what the paid version seems like I had to pay for premium. I have never regretted it.                    oscar

I joined uk.match,com during the heat of covid-19. I was online and didn’t want to pay for premium due to my past experience on sites that didn’t fulfill promises. I noticed there weren’t notifications from fictional accounts like my previous so I decide to research on what other people are saying about this platform. had a high rating as reviews were about thanking them for connecting worthy persons with them. One review that led me into paying for premium is “thank you I got value for my money”. On seeing that comment I didn’t need anyone to tell me to pay for premium immediately. I got connected to my now boyfriend after six weeks. Indeed I got value for my money winks.             Jessica

Paid membership includes:

  • Light … £9.99
  • Classic… £19.99
  • Premium … £29.99

Benefits of upgrading to paid version

  • You can read and send messages to contacts
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Your profile becomes fully optimized for publicity
  • Payment method allowed for this service is via card or paypal.



UK pride so much in having over 2.6M users who have found love. has built and bought trust online that her users market the services without being told. They do so by appreciating match through testimonials and tag to reviews stating that it is a first rated online dating site in the united kingdom  Whether you are young or old in quest for love, UK match is highly recommended. Are you a lesbian or gay? This is a good dating site to register on because of its large membership base but to avoid hurtful word stick to dating made for your kind. Another beautiful feature I love about this platform is that they care about the users so much by giving them room to share their love stories. They love and welcome feedbacks from users. Sharing tips to help beginners engage their mates is a rare quality that is not common among other dating sites and this is remarkable. You do not only go find love, you also learn to keep friendship and love sparks. Ensure to watch videos that coach you on the “best pick up lines, troubleshooting common first date problems, what is the best topic to discuss on a first date”. i highlighted these ones among others because no matter how much we have known or experience we might have had there is still need learn how to approach others in a beautiful way to create memories in their mind. If you are facing any challenges do not hesistate to send a mail to and also you can live chat the support team