MenNation Review


Are you tired of the bias already? Discrimination and condemnation are now common when you talk about your love fantasy. A crazy world indeed!!! Where people want to shove down one’s throat with their own belief of gender to love or date.

Do you feel like giving up already? Hold on right there. Stev was in the same shoes just like you a year back. He wakes up every morning feeling empty with no one to talk to that will understand him. Most guys around him see him as an insane person. Even those he feels sexually attracted to now detest him. He was also giving up but didn’t find the opposite sex attractive anymore and needed help.

None seemed to show up until he met an old friend at the gym called Gerrald on a Saturday morning. Gerrald knows a lot about and has been a member there; Stev opened up to him about his challenges, and Gerrald introduced him to the fantastic platform.

Stev signed up on the platform, and he became a member. Today, he is happy and all smiles to find himself on a platform where everyone in there has the same belief and none to condemn him. This could be you, don’t give up already. MenNation is the best place you need to be. Let’s dive into this

Get To Meet is one of the oldest and most experienced gay dating platforms. The website was founded in 1996; it has been meeting up to its status by creating unique up-to-date features.  It is a website best for today’s advanced youths and their modern lifestyle. MenNation has a vast database of over 100 million profiles of eligible and attractive gay guys worldwide. It is also known as adult friendship.

How Does MenNation Work?

Becoming a member in doesn’t take so much time; in less than five minutes, you are a registered member once you visit Isn’t this awesome?  The first thing you should do is search for on your keyword research on Google, and boom!!!  It pops up. Begin to enter your details. MenNation does not have an app; it’s an online website, so, no need for a download. Input your username, age, email address and choose a password you can easily remember.

On the website, your data is safe, so make sure you supply the correct information about you, as this data will be displayed on your profile to make it easy to attract. The people who find you attractive can send you a wink or an invite for inbox flirting and discussions. Anyone below 18 or above 65 is not allowed on the site. As a member, Once you are active, you get a notification showing you those that are also active, and if you find anyone attractive, you can hook up. You can flirt and engage in a love entanglement and go for dates.


Creating Profile

Registering to become a member of MenNation does not take more than one to two minutes. It involves a couple of steps which include providing general data about you. Your age is important; valid email address, home address, and password; these things also make up your profile. There are questions you need to answer, which are compatibility tests and summaries about your personality.

Registering and Creating Your Profile

To properly register and set up your profile as a  user, follow these guides  and present a fantastic profile. Relationship status: here, you can type in the provided box. If you are a single gay or if you have a partner as it will help you to be connected to the right people.  Make your interest obvious.

General data: enter Your location, Month, and year of birth(age). Personal information, here you are to Write your Username. Note, no space when writing your name or character. Next, type a detailed summary of your love fantasy on the provided Box. And the space to fil inl the class of guys you are attracted to will pop up; your relationship choice:  friendship, flirt, a one-night stand, or a date.

Type in a brief note about yourself and your personality, and you will receive an email. Hurrey!! Your profile is ready.

Pictures are essential, but you can only upload photos when upgraded to a premium plan.

Finding  Contact

Finding contacts on is very easy. Not complicated at all, as the platform uses your data to suggest people within your environment and places not too far from yours. It makes available what is called Cupid services; this enables the website to match your profiles with anyone on the site that is compatible with you, which makes finding contacts easy.

The Profiles On

On, there are over 100 million profiles of up-to-date and modern lifestyle young men who are ready to hit up with one another on hookups, flirting, and most times, It’s not something serious, and it’s short-term.  Everyone on the platform has the same belief, so there is no attack on anyone. New users open an account with the community daily, so you always have so many attractive profiles you can choose and hook up with. The website is not for the underaged.


Contact Feature

MenNation platform for gays has fantastic features. Users can experience in-person webcam fun. On the platform, users enjoy watching and listening to the sounds of other lovers on the platform making out.  Voice introduction and recorded member video can be posted to entertain others. MenNation users have access to all the basic dating app features, such as standard messaging, emailing, and sending winks to other community members. Users’ data is secured, and everyone on this website is like-minded. MenNation members also connect through video calls and live chats.

Design and Navigation does not have an app due to a vast database, as using an app can slow down things for the site. However, the website has a beautiful and organized layout. Navigating through the site is simple. Easy use case.

Cost and Services

To be active and not be restricted from any of the fantastic features on the site, you have to upgrade to a Gold membership. Those on free trial do not have access to chats and cannot view profiles or participate in the website’s video and virtual concerts. I trust you won’t want to miss out on this one. Interestingly, those on premium plans enjoy all the incredible experiences on the site. Premium users can create groups and invite the site members to their group. There are extra charges those on upgraded plans pay to be able to view the profiles on a free trial or have a chat with them. To enjoy these incredible experiences and be able to see more profiles, you can check out the price of the available plans.

  • 1-month plan: $30
  • 3 months plan: $60
  • 12 months plan $180

The higher the duration, the lower the charges.



MenNation is noted for its quick and easy registration and unique features. It is the most popular gay dating site on the internet today. Are you in for hookups? Here is the most refined platform for you. If you are gay, bisexual, and you are on the lookout for hookups, MenNation is where you’d be. The platform promises to be worth your time and money. Amazingly, this network has a widespread database, so you won’t be left alone when looking for a hookup companion. is worth your time and money.