Randyflings Reviews


Are you so occupied with work that you can’t find time to go to a bar and get flings as people do? Are you in need of something exciting and you can’t seem to find the time? Exciting and adventurous people are waiting to meet you on Randyflings. From the comfort of your home, you can find just what you’ve been missing without having to look too far.

Mark is a buzzing entrepreneur that was always caught between work, and it seemed like he would never get the time to go out and meet women he could have exciting romantic and sexual adventures with. These were his words last month;

“Balancing work and relationships was quite hard, and there was close no time to get flings. I noticed a friend of mine getting girls constantly, and he introduced me to the website. I have since been able to focus on work, while also having a great sex life”

Get to know Randyflings

Randyflings is an online dating site based in the UK, with over a million active users. Despite only being launched in the year 2020, the online dating platform is doing great numbers. Randyflings looks to connect single men and women who have interests in casual hookups and quick flings. For people who live anywhere in the United Kingdom, you can get a sex-only partner around you in seconds on Randyflings. With thousands of users registering every day, you have a lot of options to choose from. You can get a match as early as 30 seconds after completing your profile creation and registration.

Getting Started

Registration, signup, and profile creation on Randyflings takes almost no time and can be done without breaking a sweat. It’s that easy, yes. Depending on complete you make your profile, you can be texting potential flings within minutes. Without further ado, let’s get into how you can have a Randyflings account and start dating. Come on…


Creating a Profile

Creating a profile takes about a minute. First, you’re required to choose a username which could be your name or an alias. Then, you select your gender and input a password for your account. On the next page, you select what gender you’re interested in, your city, and your age. All of this information will help to present you with matches that are around you. Lastly, you’ll need to provide a valid email address that you’ll consequently have to verify. “Are you ready to start your adventure on Randyflings?”

If you answered ‘Yes’, you’re good to go. Immediately you verify your email, you can see a list of exciting people who are real users, and are ready to have a good time. You’ll be required to answer a series of questions regarding permissions on the website, and in the most interesting way possible. Randyflings never lets you get bored. You can go ahead and explore all of the nearby options presented to you. Make sure you’re having fun exploring the different profiles.

Finding Contacts on Randyflings

Randyflings, unlike most online dating sites, makes exploring contacts very easy. As soon as you’ve registered and your account is created, you get access to nearby real-life users of your interest that you can explore. When you click on the ‘Near You’ tab on the right-hand side of the page, you can see the hundreds of nearby users that you can message and get a fling with. When you click on another user’s profile, you can see details of this user including their sexual interests, their physical features, their photos, and what they’re looking for. You can also like the profile, and ask for their private photos if you’re feeling freaky.

Design and Navigation

Randyflings immediately sets you in the adventurous mood with a classy and attractive homepage with sexy pictures. The gold and black colors give off a mature and raunchy vibe to new and returning users. The simple and modern interface layout of the website makes navigating the site even easier. Messages, Notification, and My Profile tabs are all lined up on the right, away from the display of users near you. You can decide to explore user profiles in Grid or Cards form.

After account creation, you can head on to ‘My profile’ to complete your profile details, add a profile picture and other pictures, add private pictures, add your physical appearance details, your sexual interests, and a little paragraph about you and what you’re looking for. This will increase and speed up your chances of a match, as anyone who views your profile can instantly see similar interests before sending a message.


Pricing and Benefits

Randyflings has several features available for free, such as exploring users’ profiles, receiving messages, and getting matches. But to unlock all features like messaging matches, you have to purchase credits.

Credits plans are as follows:

  • 10 credits… £16.49
  • 25 credits… £38.99
  • 50 credits… £72.49
  • 100 credits… £135
  • 200 credits… £249.99

One credit is expended for each message you send to other accounts. Don’t let the voice of doubt and pessimism hinder you from having great adventures with people near you. Check out Jimmy’s story:

“I’m new to online dating, Randy Flings is the first-ever dating site that I registered on. I can say it’s pretty amazing. It absolutely exceeded my expectations. I was kind of nervous at first because I’ve never really hooked up with a girl online and everything was just new to me. But luckily, I got matched with a pretty and sweet girl, she was also a newbie at online dating. We started chatting and got to know about each other in no time. Finally, I asked her out and we had a really great time at her place. The good thing is that we lived quite close to each other and we could meet at any time we want, it’s only a 5-minute drive to her place. She was also really good in bed. I had some great sex with her, but eventually, I got bored and we ended our thing. But I had nothing to worry about because I already got matched with another hot girl here. And in just a matter of weeks, I hooked up with more than 5 different women from Randy Flings.”

Great sexual adventures and flings await you. Take the bold step. Be like Jimmy.



Randyflings is a fast-growing social platform that connects people looking for a flirty experience with other people around them with similar interests. The site aims to entertain and give its users pleasure, at the comfort of their couch, office, or home, and all that’s required of them is to choose. The site has a good design and it can be used on any laptop or smartphone. All data on Randyflings go through an SSL connection, and this makes it impossible for any third party to intercept your messages or steal your data. If you ever decide to close or delete your account, you can do that without charge. (I doubt you’d want to do that when you start hooking up with interesting people around you)

Randyflings allows you to fully express yourself, giving room to people of all sexuality and preferences to utilize and explore the site and its features. If you’re looking for a casual hookup, a fling, or a sex-only kind of relationship, you’ve found the right place. Randyflings is the place to fulfill all your wildest fantasies. You can send a mail to support@randyflings.com to contact the ever-responsive customer service.