Shagparadise Review


The games had gone well into full swing at the party, when it came time for ‘’Never Have I Ever’’

Teddy took his turn and said “Never have I ever had sex”. To his shock, every other person he knew at the party drank their shots. Again, he said ”Never have I ever been with two girls at once” and three of his four closest guys drank their shots. Teddy realized he was probably the only one with uninteresting sex life in the gathering, at least among the ones he knew.

He decided it was time for a change, even though he wasn’t so confident approaching girls, he’d do whatever it takes to turn his story around. Later that night, after surfing the net endlessly for a lasting solution, he came across a site and took a leap of faith by registering. His hopes were made alive when he received the mail that read “Are you ready to start your adventures with shagparadise?”

Get to know Shagparadise

Shagparadise, just as the name implies, is an online hookup site that aims to give you sexual heaven, and help you live your sexual fantasies to the fullest. Popular in the United Kingdom where it is based, the online platform has made its name with its high hookup success rate and effectiveness. Shagparadise has over 20 million registered users since its launch, you’ll never run out of options. Whether you’re looking to cure your sexual drought, or you’re looking to spice up your sex life, this is the place where you can get it all. Shagparadise does all the work and only leaves you with the task of selection. Nearby real-life users are presented to you in hundreds at the comfort of your abode, and you decide who you want to have your next adventure with. It doesn’t get better than this. Sexual heaven in the palm of your hands.

How does Shagparadise work?

Accessing the site is pretty easy. All you need is an active device; a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and an internet connection. Logging on to takes you directly to the homepage with an enticing design, where you either log in as a returning user or sign up as a new member. Signing up takes only about five minutes after which you could swipe on users living near you. Basic requirements for signup are; a username, a password, date of birth, a valid email, your gender, and the gender you have interest in. Shagparadise is non-discriminating and all-inclusive and people of different sexualities are welcomed and equally accepted. You’ll be sent a verification mail to confirm your email address, and your adventures are only two minutes away. Now that registration’s done, let’s create your profile.


Creating a Profile

As you read earlier, Shagparadise delivers to you efficiently without putting you through any stress. Creating a profile will only take about two minutes, and the steps are straightforward. Once your mail is verified, and you’re redirected back to the website, you will have to answer a quick set of six questions regarding the site and user permissions. You’re all set…almost. You can now browse the profiles of active users living nearby that the algorithm has presented to you. To avoid being flagged as a fake profile, and ignored by other accounts, you have to complete your profile. This is icing on the cake, and it’s simple and stress-free.

Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left side of the page to see the dropdown menu, where you’ll see various sections. Click on My Profile and fill in the missing details:

  • Your profile picture
  • More photos of you
  • A short paragraph describing yourself
  • Personal information including physical appearance
  • What you’re looking for
  • Your sexual interests; help connect you to like-minded people

Finding Contacts on Shagparadise

With registration and profile creation completed, you can get straight into exploring. A list of members and their profiles is presented on the homepage, and you can view their profiles or even message them directly. A search function can also be utilized to specifically search for users with certain qualities. You can search with age, gender, location, online status, and even photos. When you click on a profile, you can view their photos, add them to favorites, send them a message, or a flirt. Flirts are flirty preset messages that you can choose from to send to other accounts. Flirts include:

  • I think I am in love
  • I like what I see
  • I live nearby, wanna chat?
  • A rose for you
  • How you doin’?
  • Wanna kiss?
  • Let’s get naughty

Flirts can set the mood for the conversation right off the bat, so make sure to use them generously. You can also browse through the list of users who have viewed your profile in the ‘Visitors’ section.

Design and Navigation

The homepage of Shagparadise has a flirty and mature tone that speaks to both new and returning users, putting them right in the mood from the start. The layout is easy to navigate, and the user interface is very friendly.

All conversations and new messages can be found in the Messages section

In the Visitors section, you can see who has viewed and visited your profile

The dropdown menu lets you access other functions like Credits, My Profile, Flirts, Favorites, Settings, and Logout.


Pricing and Benefits

New users are allowed to register, create profiles and explore other profiles for free. To send messages, users are required to buy credits with any of the following plans:

  • 10 credits… £16.49
  • 25 credits… £38.99
  • 50 credits… £72.49
  • 100 credits… £135
  • 200 credits… £249.99

Credits are expended when messages are sent. One credit is used up for each message. For those looking to enjoy and have multiple adventures, having enough credits is important.



Remember Teddy, who was mentioned in the beginning? Well, after four months on, Teddy decided to host his party and play the same game that nearly killed his self-esteem before. Teddy couldn’t have enough shots, as he positively responded to all the “Never Have I Ever” statements. Ted had gotten so many adventures, flings, and experiences just by sitting at home and letting Shagparadise do the good work for him. Everyone playing the game was fascinated, and he caught the interest of more girls.

Shagparadise lets you live out your wildest fantasies with open-minded adventurous people without going through the stress of searching or approaching. The problem of distance is also solved by presenting you ideal matches that live around you or within a distance you find comfortable. If you’re looking for a place to have fun, and get pleasures, while freely expressing your sexuality without being judged or marginalized, this is the perfect place for you. The site is optimized for use on various devices. With hundreds of daily signups, there are always loads of options for you to choose your most exciting contact from.

Your fun and exciting experiences are safely kept by running all data on the site through a secure connection, inaccessible to a third party. This means all your data is kept secure and private. You can also report accounts that you find inappropriate, or simply block them from having access to you. Shagparadise is owned by a company with physical offices in the Netherlands. For further information or inquiry, you can send a mail to, and the ever-responsive customer service will be well obliged to respond to and resolve any issues. Sign up now and start flirting.