Snapfuck Review

SnapfuckBanner1Regardless of your situation,

They don’t deserve to be hurt!
The hearts of others shouldn’t be broken.
Tired of being viewed as insensitive?
You don’t believe in love but you got entangled with someone just for sex?

How long are you gonna continue hiding under the umbrella of love when you know deep down commitment isn’t your thing?
In fact, your high libido betrayed you and you were caught cheating .

You don’t need love but snapfuck.

End the blame game!

Let me guide you through this moment.
Understanding the need to connect people interested in one or more  nightstands  is the reason snapfuck came into existence.


Here’s mark experience

He said,

One cold morning, I was off the street doing my morning exercise when I ran into jack. After exchanging pleasantries, I confided in him telling him how difficult it was to find someone whom complements my dick size. It’s usually a sweet experience for me but a painful experience with the women I get laid with and because of that they don’t return or prefer we just be friends but I can’t keep up with that because I love them. Jack took a deep breath and said love is good but sexual satisfaction is the best. You can actually get a woman whose tits fit your size. With snapfuck women should be the least of your problems.

Now, what’s the good of snapfuck?

Whether you enjoy viewing nude pictures, sending sexual pictures,  or  you value secrecy with sexual partners, you should visit now. Snapfuck is a free social media platform that permit sharing sexual pictures and helping you connect with people of same interests. It’s a go to website if you want to order a sex partner at no cost. Snapfuck long term goal is to be a platform that help those who are shy or vocal about needing sex to connect them with people of the same desires. Snapfuck do not facilitates payment  for sex, that is to say users do not charge one another fees for sex.

How does snapfuck work?

Registration doesn’t take up to 30 seconds..  First thing to do is to visit and it takes you to the homepage where you are required to fill in the gender you are interested in, provide atleast six characters username, mention your city name, give the correct details about your age, fill in your email address and password. A link will be sent to your mailbox for verification and finally you are signed up and your membership is live for others interested in you to locate you.


Creating profiles

As soon as you get your email address verified, viola, you are on Snapfuck. What to do next is to create an appealing profile and begin your search for the ones that match your desires. Sending a wink, viewing all pictures, receiving and reading messages are done for free without limitation immediately after registration. Sending and replying to messages is limited on the free version unless you subscribe to membership. The good thing is that you can drop suggestions about sex and its styles and also get to hear others’ views on a particular concern. On the dashboard, there’s an option to play a mingle game to see your match, i.e., who fits into your wildness and who just fits you without hussle.

Snapfuck’s user profiles

There are over five million people who can’t wait to begin an erotic conversation with you. These people are also vocal about what they need, as you will be able to view their profile. Over a hundred people create a new account daily on Snapfuck, giving you access to unlimited views and choices. Snapfuck is strictly for people aged 18 and above. It is comprised of both men and women who are in your city or close to your city. Just like on every other dating site, there are likely to be fake accounts, so you need to be watchful and report them to the support team.

Contact features

Pictures of nudes are displayed on profiles. Snapfuck hides your address and only shows your location via map for your safety., yeah? Thank you, snapfuck! The available features on Snapfuck are messaging, an icon button to flirt with and the ability to send winks to profiles you find attractive. You can search for matches using keywords of your preference in the search bar.

Design and navigation

The color of snapfuck is dominated with black and white background. It may be pretty hard to navigate your dashboard especially if you are signing up for the first  time. Seeing a lot of messages on your dashboard might get you confuse on whom to send winks, flirt and messages (although this feature isn’t available except you purchase membership). This time you will have to relax and check profiles of those that create a spark in you. At the top right of your dashboard is the icon that shows your credit amount. The top left display icons to search for profiles, purchase credits, view matches and add profiles to favorites. Navigating through the website becomes sleek and smooth when you become consistent to the website.


Cost en services

To be active, you need to purchase a membership. Credits become invalid if they remain unused for more than ninety days. It’s not news that people call this platform a scam. They do that because they do not know how to unsubscribe. When you upgrade to gold membership, you are given a two-day free trial. This is to get a feel of what being a member feels like. You can decide to unsubscribe if you do not feel like continuing with the subscription, but why shouldn’t you? You need to have the unlimited option so as to find your spec. Unlike other dating sites, Snapfuck permits users to have access to hidden features on a trial basis for three days. After three days, if you feel this isn’t for you, you can decide to discontinue on this platform. This is a good offer, I must say. You get to pay a little fee to test if this is a good choice for you. Here’s some free advice: if you wish to continue with Snapfuck to enjoy its amazing features, then go for the six-month plan. This is a cheap one because you will have unlimited access for a little longer. Do not forget to chat with customer support if you need to cancel your subscription as soon as you no longer find this platform interesting.

Here is a list of gold membership package;

  • 3 days trial – 5.83
  • 1 month – 34.95
  • 6 month – 69.92



You might want to ask, “Snapchat is the same as Snapfuck, right?” Ohwwww!, No, no, no, they’re different brands. This is called “snapfuck” because users share sexual pictures and videos among themselves. Being expressional about sex digitally hasn’t been that beautiful until now. The good news is that you can find a partner from the comfort of your own home, office toilet (amusing, isn’t it?) or wherever you are right now.You do not have to discuss this with anyone before it happens. You do not have to wait until you go to clubs or attend parties before you find that one person. You tend to build rapport online, which makes it easy to get laid with when you finally meet your match in person. If you are looking for a site to share your nudes and also a place where you feel at home, plus also receive compliments regarding your private parts, then this is a decent website to join. Here’s how to join